PING Launch G25 Fairways and Hybrid


In addition to the new driver, PING has also unveiled G25 fairway woods and hybrids which offer more forgiveness and improved looks.

The fairway woods feature an external sole weight which increases the Moment of Inertia for greater forgiveness and a towering ball flight, with shots hit from low on the face still generating impressive distance too.
The traditionally-shaped head is slightly larger than the G20 and has been engineered to be easy to align to the target.

PING’s new hybrids have changed dramatically in shape from the G20 and G15 versions that went before – those were tremendous clubs when it came to getting the ball airborne from any lie, but not all golfers were convinced by the looks.

But the G25 hybrid looks much more conventional, yet the playability has been retained. The centre of gravity is lower and further back in the lower-lofted clubs and progresses further forward in the higher lofts to help minimize spin and prevent the ball from ballooning into the air.

Like the fairway woods, the hybrids feature an external sole weight which helps golfers to get the ball airborne easier and the large hitting surface makes them very easy to use.

Fairway Woods

Lofts: 3 (15º), 4 (16.5º), 5 (18º), and 7-woods (21º) 
Shaft: TFC 189F (Soft R, R, S, Tour-Stiff, and Tour X-Stiff flexes)
RRP: £199


Lofts: 17º, 20º, 23º, 27º, 31º 
Shaft: TFC 189H (Soft R, R, S, Tour-Stiff, and Tour X-Stiff flexes)
RRP: £170