PING Launch New Putter Range


PING may not have been amongst the early adopters of adjustability in drivers, but they are the first company to launch a new putter series which features adjustable-shaft length.

Golfers of all heights and stance-preferences will benefit from the adjustability range which goes from 31-38 inches and is easy to change.

There are 12 models in the series, and the brilliant Fit for Stroke fitting aid has also been used. For golfers with a slight arc, the Anser 2, B60, Tomcat S and Anser 2B are available, while for those with a strong arc the ZB S and Shea H are on offer.

Finally, for golfers with a straight stroke, PING has made the Piper C, Tatum and Carefree L available. The Grayhawk and Senita models feature in each stroke category.

A Variable-depth-groove insert has been utilized, which helps to increase ball speed across the face for more predictable results, even off the heel or toe.

Adjustable-length: 31” to 38”  (standard), 37.5” to 46.5” (belly) and 44.5” to 55.5” (long).

RRPs: £149 (adjustable shaft Anser 2, B60,Tomcat S, ZB S, Shea, Shea H, Piper C, Tatum), £129 (non-adjustable shaft Anser 2, B60,Tomcat S, ZB S, Shea, Shea H, Piper C, Tatum), £169 (adjustable shaft (Grayhawk, Senita), £149 (non-adjustable shaft Grayhawk, Senita) and £209 (adjustable shaft Anser B, Carefree L)