Video Review: Wilson Staff Superlight D-100 Driver


In this video TG Equipment Editor Joel Tadman reviews the Wilson Staff Superlight D-100 while on our recent drivers test.

Both James and Joel immediately noticed the onset and weren’t fans of the leading edge being so far from the shaft. The club did feel lighter across our testing panel and everyone felt it sat squarely at address.

Joel and Graeme felt the writing on the bottom of the shaft was a little off-putting but everyone apart from Chris really liked the contrast between the black head and white shaft. Some glare outside on the glossy crown made the alignment aid difficult to pick out at times. Offered tighter dispersion for slower swings.

Pros: Simple shape, looks slick from underneath, plenty of power and added control available for smoother swings.
Cons: Some will notice the glare from the head. Dispersion seemed to increase among faster swingers.