Callaway's two most advanced drivers go on sale today


Callaway has resurrected a legend as two of its most advanced drivers ever – the Big Bertha and the Big Bertha Alpha go on sale today!

Both feature new technologies, and the Alpha is the world's first golf club with an adjustable centre of gravity. The Big Bertha has sliding “Adjustable Perimeter Weighting” in the rear of the crown.

Read more about Callaway's Big Bertha Alpha here. Watch our Big Bertha Alpha review video here

Read more about Callaway's Big Bertha here

Callaway says of the Big Bertha: “The new Big Bertha Driver is so revolutionary, it deserves to carry the most legendary name in golf. It’s faster, more robust, with our new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for maximum distance from a total performance driver.”

And it says about the Alpha: “Everything we’ve learned about adjustable drivers (and that’s a lot) has led to the Big Bertha Alpha. It’s a total performance package of maximum distance, and….it’s the most advanced driver anyone’s ever made. When you take the revolutionary new Gravity Core, enhance it with Moveable Weight, and dial in the Advanced Adjustable Hosel, you’ll be longer than you’ve ever been.”

Along with different approaches to adjustability, both clubs feature Hyper Speed Faces, adjustable hosels and forged composite crowns.

Todays' Golfer was one of the first magazines in the world to be given the new clubs, and we're testing them today – check back here for our exclusive first hit video reviews.

The first Big Bertha changed the face of golf, and kick-started the shift from persimmon to titanium. The name hasn't been used on a Callaway driver since the mid-2000s, and the company's design guru Dr Alan Hocknell said: “We didn't bring the name back out of some misguided sense of nostalgia. We brought it back to advance the science of hitting the ball far.”