Powakaddy launches new Plug 'n' Play trolleys


The latest generation of PowaKaddy’s FW3, FW5 and FW7 trolleys feature a host of user-friendly features and a “Plug ‘n’ Play” battery system which saves time and hassle when you’re setting it up. It does away with fiddly connectors and replaces them with a cassette system, where both lithium and lead acid batteries just slot into a tray. 

All three models also now boast a robust and stylish, low profile “PowaFrame” and three-fold assembly system. There’s also a sleek new control with soft-touch grip to boost comfort and improve functionality. The new trolley design also provides a more efficient way to attach the golf bag thanks to the PowaKaddy Key-lock base and new bungee straps with integrated anti-pinch handles. 

“From the outset we wanted to create a collection of electric trolleys that had real stand-out appeal, with stunning looks and performance – these three models certainly achieve this and more,” PowaKaddy boss John deGraft-Johnson told us. 

Powakaddy FW7
The top-of-the-range model boasts the “Plug ‘n’ Play” battery system, the lightweight PowaFrame and is loaded with an array of the latest digital technology, clearly displayed on a colour LCD screen. There’s also a USB charging point and a security pin lock.
Details: Available with a titanium silver frame colour with either a carbon fibre or brushed silver trim. £445 (standard battery); £480 (extended range); £610 (lithium); £665 (extended range lithium). Also available with an Electronic Braking System  from £670.

Powakaddy FW5
Boasts a battery indicator, USB point for charging phones and GPS devices and 15, 30 and 45-yard programmer.  
Details: Available in white or black. £390 (standard battery); £425 (extended range); £555 (lithium); £610 (extended lithium). 

Powakaddy FW3
The entry-level model sports the new PowaFrame and low-profile chassis. The Key-lock base and bungee straps restrict bag motion.
Details: Available in white or black. £335 (standard battery); £370 (extended range); £500 (lithium); £555 (extended lithium).