Mizuno unveil new MP irons and wedges


Mizuno has revealed its new MP product line up. The MP-15 iron is a compact cavity replacing the MP-59, the MP-H5 replaces the MP-H4 and is now available as a full set while the MP-T5 wedges now come in every loft from 49 to 62 degrees.

MP-15 irons

The grain flow forged MP-15s are designed for the better ball striker seeking the feel of a muscleback iron, but the forgiveness and playability of in a cavity. Mizuno has increased the size of the sweetspot while keeping the blade length relatively short.

They’ve done this by forging a newly-shaped 10g piece of titanium – a Ti insert – into the back of the head, replacing 38g of steel. As the steel cools during the manufacturing process, it locks this titanium in place. This is said to increase forgiveness by 10 per cent on off-centre hits and maintain the thickness behind the face for a more solid feel. It also allows weight to be shifted to the perimeter to provide “full cavity” forgiveness.

“In MP-15, we’ve combined the very best of both models,” said Mizuno’s Chris Voshall, “in the profile, trajectory control and feel of the MP-64, with the peripheral weighting only possible with a Ti insert. There’s no more sensory a player than Luke Donald – if the feel gets his approval, it’s a pretty good sign.”

Details: £115 per iron, 3-PW. RH only.

Mizuno MP-15 iron



MP-H5 irons

The MP-H5 model is designed to meet the demands of modern courses that require longer approaches into firmer greens. The previous model, the MP-H4, was only available in 2-5 iron. Now they’re available as a full set, from 1-iron to PW, to ensure a smooth flow of trajectory, feel and distance control.

The latest version has a thinner topline and predominantly narrower sole width and head lengths through the set, but with a higher MOI than the MP-H4. The long irons (1-6) feature a full hollow construction with a steel face; the short irons have a half-hollow construction with a grain flow forged face.

The overall proportions are kept intact, so your eye quickly adapts to the slightly increased size. They can be played as an entire set or mixed with more traditional mid/short irons in the Mizuno range at no extra cost.

Details: RRP £115 per iron, 1-PW. RH only.

Mizuno MP-H5 irons


MP-T5 wedges

The new MP-T5s boast the greatest number of loft and bounce options ever offered by Mizuno. There are 25 combinations, with two soles to suit varying techniques and turf conditions – a high-bounce model with a soft trailing edge and heel grind and a low-bounce option with a more aggressive grind and heel, toe and trailing edge relief.

Like its predecessor, the MP-T5s are Grain Flow Forged for extra feel and come in two finishes, white satin and a new black plated version, which will maintain its look over time. The refined teardrop profile is based on the specific tour grind Luke Donald uses on his wedges.

Quad Cut grooves are narrower and deeper in the lower lofts (49-53°) for optimum performance on full shots; higher lofts have wider, shallower grooves to disperse debris. Precision-milled faces means spin is increased on chip and pitch shots up to 30 yards in length.

Details: £110 per wedge. 49-62°.