Get Martin Kaymer's tennis ball training aid


Martin Kaymer’s swing during his emphatic US Open win earlier this year held up under the most intense of pressures with a seemingly large amount of ease. It was rhythmical and repeated, time after time, and he barely missed a shot as a result. 

The 29-year-old German’s renaissance is partly down to a tennis ball. It is actually a training aid, and a handy way for Kaymer to keep his forearms close together in his backswing. He’s been using it regularly on the range, as a way of keeping his hands, arms and shoulder ‘connected’ all the way through the backswing.

He doesn’t want his arms moving independently from the rest of his body. If his arms were to separate through impact — otherwise known as a chicken wing — the ball will drop out as he swings. If the ball stays secure, it means your arms are moving as a single unit, which makes timing less of an issue. 

“It’s just for your back swing, that you keep your arms together and that everything is very much connected,” two-time major winner Kaymer explained. 

You can now benefit from the same training aid used by Kaymer. Called the Golf Connection Ball, you can buy it from for £19.99.