HIRZL's new all-weather glove range


Swiss glove specialist HIRZL is set to launch into the UK market with its unique range of golf gloves that enhance your grip in dry weather and offer even more grip in the wet.

Underpinning HIRZL’s glove performance is its trademarked GRIPPP technology. Extensively tanned Kangaroo leather is durable and combined with a 45 degree, pre-curved finger system and a stretch membrane that prevents bunching in the fingers and provides the perfect fit. The resulting traction that can be gained from a HIRZL glove is incredible in the dry, only to be surpassed when the glove gets wet. The durability and grip made it the choice of 80% of competitors in the 2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships.

There are two models to choose from.  The HIRZL Trust Control combines boasts a structured leather palm that offers the ultimate in control with the lightest of grips. The Trust Feel offers the same performance benefits as the Control but with a smooth, thinner palm for increased shot feedback as preferred by many lower handicap players.

TG says... “Certaintly offers a tailored fit and the way it enhances your hold on the club can't be faulted. The feel is a touch rubbery and I’d rather the palm was white than black but it’s good to know the rain won’t be the cause of any bad golf shots.”

Details: £24.99. www.hirzl.com