Pelham and Strutt compression top boasts multiple performance benefits


Pelham and Strutt’s long sleeve compression sport tops have integrated physiotherapy-type taping woven into the dual regulation temperature fabric garments for improved posture, core stability and temperature control. 

It took the experts at Pelham and Strutt 12 months to perfect the Physiotherapy taping design to ensure optimum support and comfort, recruiting the expertise of Judith Pitt Brooke, member of the Health Professionals Council and leading sports Physiotherapist along the way.

The key to the garments success in supporting posture, is the distinctive Y shape Physiotherapy taping that crosses the Latissimus Dorsi muscle at the back of the shoulder through to the muscles between the shoulder blade and upper spine.

The second core element of the unique design, is the mapping across the abdominal muscles, these muscles are all important in helping to brace the shoulders back and maintain a good upper spinal posture.  

Improving upper back posture will also influence the positioning and posture lower down in the spine and the unique taping in each product is designed to load off the muscles that connect the neck to the point of the shoulders which so often becomes tense for many golfers around the 12th hole. Targeting these areas with the Physiotherapy type taping, helps resist the tendency to become round shouldered; ensuring posture is optimised for set up.

Pelham and Strutt’s Sport range also uses ThermoCool from Invista. This sport fabric is designed to keep wearers in their comfort zone as the fabric interacts with the body by balancing temperature changes to conserve energy levels, helping you focus on your performance by keeping you warm when you feel cold and cool when you feel hot. 

The garments evaporate moisture faster than other materials thanks to the unique fibre mix and evaporative surface, allowing enhanced air circulation to prevent post exercise chill and still allow excess heat to dissipate into the air.

Does it work? 

The bio mechanical effects of the tops were put to the test in October 2013 at the Welcombe Golf club. Some phenomenal results were achieved with single figure handicappers and Pro’s alike seeing an average dispersal reduction of 5.7 yards using a 7 iron when wearing the tops compared to not wearing one. 

Surprisingly all single figure handicap golfers involved in the preliminary study also saw an average of 14 yards added to their drives when wearing one, no wonder first production has all been snapped up the first 4 weeks since its presentation to the industry.

Details: Long Sleeve Sport top has an RRP of £66 and comes in vibrant green, charcoal and white. Call 0115 9778 376 for more info.