Cleveland unveils new 588 RTX 2.0 wedges


Cleveland Golf promises more spin and control from its new 588 Rotex 2.0 wedges.

Like last year’s best-selling 588 RTX, the new clubs – in blade and cavity back versions – feature Tour Zip Grooves.

However, these are eight per cent deeper, and the walls of the grooves are slightly steeper, to make the edges sharper. Cleveland claims this creates about 15 per cent more spin from the rough than their predecessors.

They also have a new Rotex surface-roughening treatment on the face to grip the ball better, while lasers etch a pattern between each of the grooves themselves.

Both models come in lofts of 46-64 degrees and are made from carbon steel for a soft feel. Each comes in a tour satin or black satin finish, in three bounce options. More perimeter weighting in the cavity back version makes it slightly more forgiving. The bounce number of each wedge is now located on the hosel instead of the sole.


Adam Sheldon, Cleveland’s brand manager, said the design is all about ultra-precise tolerances. “We have improved our manufacturing standards and are literally measuring every head,” he said.

Cleveland tested grooves in a vast array of playing conditions to create the ideal blend of depth, sharpness and pattern. “Wet and dry conditions, different kinds of rough and sand… we ran 12 different tests to come up with the correct groove configuration,” added Sheldon. “The real art is coming up with the best groove for all of these conditions.”

Details: £99 per wedge.