Srixon relaunch the AD333


Golf ball names change quicker than premiership managers. If they’re not an instant hit with the masses they soon get binned. So the fact the original Srixon AD333 was launched in 2004 and is still about is testament to its huge popularity amongst club golfers. 

The AD333 has carved out a dedicated following amongst different types of golfers but especially amongst real world players who demand a decent blend of Distance and Control. If like us you’re a club golfer that’s probably you!


So what’s new? Well whilst other Golf Ball manufacturers are talking Super Low Compression this year to increase feel, Srixon say feel comes from the cover hardness. So expect a new Spin Skin cover, which is softer than others and Srixon claim gives 18% more frictional force at impact which generates serious stopping power where its needed most….in the short game.

The updates don’t end there. A new 324 dimple pattern allows Srixon’s engineers to create a more aerodynamic design which reduces drag. By making the dimples more equal in size air-flow efficiency is improved which means you can hit it further too! And finally a new energy core wants to translate as much club head speed as you can throw at it into maximising carry distance which all sounds very exciting.

So we reckon by improving both traits that make the AD333 great you can expect some pretty impressive performance off the tee, from the fairway and around and on the greens with this new incarnation.

Expect to see the new models in both Flat White and Tour Yellow in good golf shops from mid-September.  For more information visit: