The new putter grip that's ready to rival SuperStroke


The growth of putter grips

Five years ago, hardly anyone had heard of SuperStroke and its putter grips. In 2009, the American company sold 5,000 grips. Last year, they sold over 3,000,000. Phil Mickelson, Matt Kuchar, Sergio Garcia, Jordan Spieth and Jason Dufner all use SuperStroke grips. Nowadays, over 25% of Tour pros use SuperStroke grips, and that number continues to grow. 


A SuperStroke revolution

"We've got over 100 PGA and European Tour pros using them," says SuperStroke president Dean Dingman. "We don't pay 95 per cent of them; they just want to use SuperStroke grips for the performance benefits they see. We have a rep on the putting green at every Tour event, and as soon as the players test one, they're sold."

SuperStroke grips have heralded the kind of equipment revolution that all new products dream of, but very few achieve. 

The new guy in town

But now SuperStroke have some competition in the shape of ProPutt, a new grip company based in England, promising to "help golfers enhance their putting in order to lower their handicap".

ProPutt's oversized grip, known as 'ERGO', weighs just 49g, making it lighter than any of SuperStroke's offerings.

Like SuperStroke, the oversized grip is designed to keep your hands 'quiet' during your putting stroke, removing wrist twitches and limiting excess movement to create a more stable and consistent connection and roll. The lightweight nature of the grip is intended to create greater control, consistency and feel when putting. 


ProPutt is the creation of two keen amateur golfers, Dallan Tan and Simon Pawsey, both 28 and based in the East Midlands. 

"We do not profess to be Tour pros," says Tan, "but we have spent a considerably large amount of time on greens across the country, and that's where our expertise lies. We are a research-led company with great dedication to the science and conundrum that is the game we all love."

The ERGO is available from for £18.95. 

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