Wilson Staff launch "World's Softest Urethane Ball"


Wilson Staff have pioneered Low Compression Technology in golf balls for a decade. They already offer a 29 compression DX Soft and 35 compression DX3 Spin ball. They reckon this new DX3 Urethane offers softer feel, exceptional distance and extra control around the greens. 

"We’ve been working on a low compression solution for urethane covers since we introduced the original DX2," said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Innovation for Wilson Staff Golf Balls. "Our testing consistently shows golfers prefer a softer-feeling ball and the DX3 Urethane is unrivaled in offering the better player full control of the golf ball.”

The new ball's been developed to match the brand’s Feel, Crossover and Distance (F-C-D) ball-fitting system that offers benefits to individual playing styles.

“The DX3 Urethane has been designed specifically for the Feel player,” said Doug Wright, Global Commercial Director of Wilson Golf. “Thanks to its multi-layer construction, better players can also expect Tour-quality spin and control on the greens as well as great distance.”

The new DX3 Urethane has an RRP of £29.99 per dozen and will be available in January 2016.

For further information visit www.wilsonstaff.com.