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Winter may be upon us, but if you’re playing in the right gear those cold mornings, high winds and showers needn’t dent your enjoyment of a round. We’ve pulled together a guide to the products that have the ability to make this year’s winter golf season your best ever.

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10 ways to keep warm

1 Studies can’t agree on how much heat we lose from our heads. Some say 40-45%, others say 10%. Whatever the number it’s safe to say if you want to keep warm, wear a hat.

2 The face and chest are more sensitive to temperature changes than the rest of the body. If these areas are covered your whole body feels warmer. Covering your chest is a given, but how about a snood round your neck? 

3 Your body’s core temperature drops as you age. A healthy body temperature is considered to be 98.6°F, but once you’re over 60 it can drop by up to 5°F. An extra layer can definitely help if you’re of a certain age.

4 When exposed to the cold your body begins to conserve heat by protecting its vital organs. More blood flows to these and less goes to your hands and feet, so if your hands and feet are cold your body temperature is probably lower than you think. 

5 If you’re playing on an exposed course you should be thinking about windchill too. If the temperature is 0° and the wind is blowing at 15mph, the windchill is  -19°F. Skin can freeze in
30 minutes at this temperature. 

6 The deeper you breathe the more oxygen is brought into your system. This oxygen is transferred from the lungs into the bloodstream, which
is responsible for transferring heat throughout the body.   

7 If you have to wear natural fibres you’ll struggle to beat Merino. Not only is it extremely soft but its temperature regulating properties are superior and it’s effective at drawing moisture away from the skin. 

8 If you suffer from cold feet it’s well worth considering an insulating inner sole for your shoes. 

9 Feel in golf is everything – so popping a hand warmer inside your winter mitts can keep your hands warm for putting and chipping.

10 Don’t breathe on cold hands. It increases heat loss via the dampness in your breath. Wear mitts. 

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