NEW GEAR: Ping unveil the i irons


Ping’s i Series Woods and Irons have always been a players range. For golfers wanting cavity back performance with a slimmed down appearance. The current i25 Iron’s been on the market for 2 years, so following research into new materials and input from Ping’s Staff Players the company thought it was time for a redesign. If you’ve been attracted to i Irons before you certainly won’t be disappointed by the updates in these new satin clad beauties.


Here’s six things you really should know about them:

1: What’s with the 431 SS?

For the first time Ping are making a cast iron from different Steel to their traditional 17-4 SS. Why? Ping learn’t from using 431 SS in their Glide Wedges that it significantly improves feel, which is real positive for a players Iron. But perhaps more importantly for the i the steels higher strength to weight ratio means Ping’s engineers have increased perimeter weighting without changing the head size dramatically.

2: i are a “Progressive” set.

Ping engineers have closely monitored and adjusted the head size and offset of each individual iron to best suit their target i golfer. This means the longer irons benefit from a larger blade length from Toe to Heel and additional offset which both boosts confidence and improves forgiveness. The top edges of each club have been thinned by 5% compared to the i25 Irons, creating a sleeker more pleasing look. While the scoring Irons become more compact from toe to heel with less offset giving the golfer extra control over trajectory and spin.


3: What are Distance generating lofts and lengths?

Traditional lofts and lengths are a thing of the past in golf, there is simply no accepted standard between manufacturers. So Ping’s answer with the i which ensures they don’t get left behind when players test multiple models on a Launch Monitor is to increase the shaft length from 3-9 Iron by ¼” and increase the lofts from 3 – 8 Iron by 1deg.  What does this mean for your game? Well it ensures you have the latest spec equipment and are best equipped to compete with fellow golfers when choosing what iron hit into any green. 

4: Higher MOI than i25?

Ping play some real design tricks with the i. The new 431 SS allows them to save 3-4 grams over using their traditional 17-4 SS.  The Tuning Port which Ping puts into iron heads to allow for customisation, has been located lower and deeper than on the i25, which helps increase Perimeter Weighting. The soles of each iron are 15%-20% wider than the i25 and there’s a Tungsten toe weight in the 3-7 Irons to further increase foregiveness.  All of which you’d expect to increase MOI, but Ping say the MOI between i25 and i is very similar. Its probably worth remembering when comparing the i25 with i you get a similar sized head with a narrower top edge and wider sole which for many golfers is a great combination.


5: Where does the i sit in the Ping Iron range?

With both Ping’s new Irons supplementing their Iron line up, the range stretches to six models. The new i sits right between G30 and i25. The i’s are 18% more workable than G30 whilst only being 3% less workable than the S55’s, the model used by the majority of Ping’ s Tour Players. Meaning i are a great option for any golfers not needing out and out game improvement technology.


6: Choose leading shafts at no extra cost.

Paying up charges per club for shafts when buying a set irons can soon ratchet up the cost. Ping have decided to overcome this hurdle for consumers with the i. You get to choose between Dynamic Gold (S300 or X100), Project X (5.0 or 6.0), XP 95 (Regular or Stiff) or a Nippon Modus 105 (Stiff or X-Stiff) without incurring any additional up charges.


RRP: £112(Steel) £124 (Graphite) Per Iron

Availability: 3-PW, UW

Stock Shafts: CFS Distance (Steel) CFS Graphite

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