Cleveland launch the TFI Smart Square putter


Cleveland’s original Smart Square putter proved extremely popular because it made alignment so easy and the manufacturer has updated the model with a new TFI version.

The acronym comes from the new True Feel Innovation face that incorporates a milled copper-infused face cap (the gold section) over a Copolymer insert (the white section) to deliver greater feel and consistency across the entire clubface in comparison to its predecessor.

The body of the putter has also been improved. The black central section is made of aluminum that is a lower density than the white alloy wing. This moves more weight to the extremities of the putter, increasing forgiveness and stability for greater consistency on off-centre hits compared to strikes out the sweetspot, and easier distance control.

The Dual Axis Alignment returns on the top of the putter. Two parallel lines extend from the centre of the face to frame the ball perfectly down the line, while four perpendicular lines offer instant feedback when the putter is misaligned at address. This makes it much easier to aim the putter exactly where you want to and keep it square throughout the stroke.


Price: £149