Launched: The £250 launch monitor


Every tour player now uses a launch monitor. More and more club pros are using them as am instruction tool, too. There’s no doubt they will help your game – but the prices are still out of reach for most golfers. 

But now, Voice Caddie has unveiled the Swing Caddie SC200, a portable doppler radar-based launch monitor that comes in at less than £250. 

It looks like an iPhone and gives you instant feedback (via both a backlit LCD display and voice output) on your  carry distance, swing speed, ball speed and smash factor. 

It can be used in one of three different modes: Practice, Target or Random Mode. This ensures that time spent on the range is well-used, with a unique scoring system used to monitor your consistency.

The ability to track daily and overall statistics for each club lets you keep track of how your improving, while distance adjusted measurements are provided based on the barometric pressure of the practice environment. 

And with the option to add your exact club lofts, the SC200 can be fine-tuned to match your exact bag set-up, providing accurate data for any shot type. 

The wireless control unit enables all settings, including club selection, to be controlled remotely, while a shot count and time display lets you see how long you’ve been bashing balls for.  

Available now with an RRP of £249.

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