PowaKaddy builds on incredible Freeway success with enhanced range for 2015


Building on a fantastic 2014 that saw an increase in sales volume of over 45%, leading electric trolley brand PowaKaddy has unveiled the 2015 Freeway Family, equipped with several adjustments and improvements which make it the most advanced product available on the market today.

One of the success stories of 2014, the game-changing FW3, FW5, FW7 and highly innovative FW7 EBS models were a shining example of the brand’s precision-engineering and expert design, each offering unmatched performance and functionality.

Now, for 2015, the line has been enhanced with the addition of new, larger 11” wheels with low-profile tyres and a completely redesigned front wheel across each model to enhance the stylish and sporty look for which PowaKaddy has become famous.

Setting off the wheels with a splash of colour, the FW5 comes complete with yellow trim, while the top-of-the-range FW7 and FW7 EBS models feature cool grey trim to further distinguish them as the out-and-out category leader.

The lightweight-yet-strong PowaFrame®, which is a key piece of technology in allowing each Freeway to fold into a car boot-friendly size, has also been reshaped in order to allow the handle to be raised by an inch, which will enhance use for taller golfers.

A final improvement has been achieved by refining PowaKaddy’s famous 3-Fold System through the enhancement of its latches for smoother operation and even faster folding.

Still in place is the extensive range of clever features, which have set the Freeway range apart from its competitors over the past 12 months, including the highly popular Plug ‘n’ Play™ battery system and a progressive range of digital features.

PowaKaddy has also experienced much success with its Lithium batteries, as the superior power options available within the 2015 Freeway Family. Over the last year, sales of trolleys powered by these lighter and more compact batteries have more than doubled as the consumer continues to be drawn towards their enhanced performance when compared with competing brands.

The latest developments in Lithium-ion technology has allowed the PowaKaddy R&D team to pack in 20% more power than the closest like-for-like competitor, adding further appeal to the Freeway Family.

Excited at the prospect of golfers enjoying the added benefits of the 2015 line, PowaKaddy Sales Manager, David Howse, said: “The Freeway family was one of our most successful launches in recent times and we are delighted to be able to bring improved and updated versions of the FW3, FW5, FW7 and FW7 EBS to market for 2015.

“The changes that we have made have improved both the appearance and the functionality of the range, which will make it even more appealing to the consumer looking to benefit from the outstanding performance of a PowaKaddy electric trolley.”



PowaKaddy FW3 


Available: The FW3 comes in Polar White or Classic Black frame colours with Piano Black trim

RRP: From £299 


PowaKaddy FW5


Available: The FW5 comes in Piano Black trim and can be purchased with Polar White or Classic Black frames. 

RRP: From £349


PowaKaddy FW7/FW7 EBS



Available: The FW7/FW7 EBS come in a Titanium Silver frame with the choice of Carbon Graphite or Brushed Silver trim. 

RRP: From £399 

For more information, or to find out about PowaKaddy’s comprehensive range of electric trolleys and accessories, visit PowaKaddy.co.uk