They say it's impossible to shank this wedge...


Shanking a wedge is one of the most demoralising shots in golf. There's nothing worse than picturing the ball soaring into the air and landing with a thud next to the pin, only to hear that unmistable 'clank' as hosel meets ball and sends it scuttling off to the right quicker than a UKIP politician. 

Show us a golfer who has never hit a shank and we'll show you a liar. Justin Rose has hit a shank. Henrik Stenson has hit a shank. Tiger Woods went through a stage where a shank followed every time he so much as looked at a wedge. We've all done it, and none of us enjoyed it. 

Can the Anti-Shank wedge by game-improver brand Hotblade eliminate this hosel-based pain for good? A patented ultra-thin neck design and parallel offset head promises to do just that. 


Does it work? 

In a word... no. It is definitely still possibly to hit a shank with it, particularly on full shots. Any club that has a shaft and face that meet at an angle – as all irons do – will have an area that you simply cannot afford to hit. 

That said, the danger area does seem to be slightly further away from the face than normal. As such, a mishit chip shot is less likely to make contact with the hosel. 

If shanks are a persistent issue for you, this wedge may help, but it will not solve the problem. Only addressing and fixing the root cause within your swing can do that. 


Need help beating the shanks? Watch this: VIDEO: Shake off the shanks