• FootJoy reveal VersaLuxe shoe

    Written by Simon Daddow on Monday, 15 February 2016

    Demand for shoes that look as good off the golf course as they do on it is growing at a pace. FootJoy reckon they've cracked the perfect blend of off course style with oncourse performance with their new premium VersaLuxe offering.      The classy new spikeless VersaLuxe is created from the finest luxurious calfskin leather, its waterproof and is available...

  • Revealed new XXI0 9 woods and irons

    Written by Simon Daddow on Thursday, 11 February 2016

    XXIO might not be that well known in the UK as they’re predominantly a Japanese brand and they cost a small fortune. But putting aside the cost they’ve made some quality high performance equipment since first being introduced in 2000. The new XXIO 9 driver features dual speed technologies which they reckon have the ability to wring extra distance from your...

  • Get new gear for less with the best equipment deals of the week!

    Written by Rob McGarr on Thursday, 11 February 2016

    We've scoured the internet for this week's best deals on golf clubs and other equipment. Everything is brand new – we don't want you living with someone else's scuff marks – but some of it may not be the latest release. Don't worry: none ot it is more than a year or two old, so it's not like we're suggesting...

  • Big Max launch "Fold Flat" trolley

    Written by Simon Daddow on Tuesday, 9 February 2016

    Golf trolleys can be a nightmare to get about in the car boot and store in the garage, but Big Max reckon they've come up with a simple solution by inventing the "Fold Flat" trolley. This new feature is to be incorporated in the brands largest selling Autofold model meaning the premium push cart will fold flat in one swift movement.

  • Why you need Golf Pride's new putter grip

    Written by Simon Daddow, Equipment Editor on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

    With all the hype surrounding ‘fat’ putter grips – largely because one is used by a certain Jordan Spieth – it’s easy to forget that the world’s biggest grip brand also dominates the putter grip counts on tour. By miles… Golf Pride even makes Tiger’s putter grips, blacking out the ‘Ping’ on the side so it doesn’t detract his eyes. There’s...

  • Best golf equipment deals of the week

    Written by Rob McGarr on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

    We all know that trying to keep up with the latest and greatest golf equipment can be expensive. With drivers costing upwards of £400, a set of irons setting you back over £1,000, and certain putters costing more than a brand new Audi A3, at times it can seem like golf is a rich man's game. It's little wonder the...

  • Puma Giveaway

    Wednesday, 3 February 2016

    We've teamed up with Puma to deck out one lucky TG reader with a full Rickie Fowler out fit for 2016. Puma are kings when it comes to creating funky apparel, shoes and bags that are adored by the younger generation. And they've kindly agreed to deck our winner out with a full kit from their Spring/Summer collection. Our winner will walk...

  • Behind the scenes on the Mizuno Tour Truck

    Tuesday, 2 February 2016

    Mizuno's European Tour Workshop travels 25,000 miles a year getting to each event on Tour. On board it's kitted out with 1000's of shafts, grips and of course the brands famous forged irons, drivers, fairways, hybrids and wedges. The truck cost over £400,000 to build, its got a 12litre engine and a 1000 litre fuel tank plus there's Sky TV...

  • Cleveland reveal new TFI 2135 putters

    Written by Simon Daddow on Monday, 1 February 2016

    Adam Sheldon's a name you probably don't recognise but he's english, he's written over 20 patents for golf equipment and he's also Cleveland Golf's Global Brand Manager. Oh and he's the brains behind the new TFI 2135 Putters. Cleveland reckon all golfers have different putting strokes and address positions, which makes setting up perfectly over the ball every time nearly impossible.

  • Benross reveal new HTX Type R

    Written by Simon Daddow on Friday, 29 January 2016

    Benross have made some quality gear for years now. But what’s different between them and other brands for 2016 is they’ve reduced RRP’s where others have increased theirs. We’re not quite sure how Benross do it, but they offer some of the same top quality components you’ll find in top end drivers yet their new HTX Driver is just £129. Its...

  • Srixon reveal new UltiSoft golf ball

    Written by Simon Daddow on Friday, 29 January 2016

    Super low compression balls are all the rage right now. Srixon didn't want to miss out on the action so they've just launched their softest ever ball in the UltiSoft, which they say delivers ultimate feel with extra straighter distance.  The UltiSoft delivers a lightness of touch like never before,  and thats thanks to a soft core that produces softer feel on...

  • Srixon reveal new AD333 Tour ball

    Written by Simon Daddow on Friday, 29 January 2016

    Srixon's AD333 Tour has been about for a while, but they reckon this new version excels for golfers who doen't possess a tour-level swing speed but do demand a tour-level ball. Srixon say their R&D Team has delivered more advanced performance compared to the previous AD333 Tour model, when it comes to Distance, Control and Feeling. The main differences between the new...

  • Titleist reveal new NXT Tour and Tour S balls

    Written by Simon Daddow on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

    NXT Tour have been a staple in club golfers bags for years as they offer an excellent blend of distance, spin performance and value for money. As you'd expect Titleist reckon their new balls are longer and offer better performance so the NXT Tour is billed as even longer while the NXT Tour S combines that distance with its softest...

  • Titleist reveal new DT TruSoft and Velocity balls

    Written by Simon Daddow on Wednesday, 27 January 2016

    Titleist are introducing a new DT TruSoft golf ball. The ball has been designed and manufactured to provide supremely soft feel on every shot with the consistent performance and quality expected of a Titleist. For golfers who prefer a truly soft feel, the new TruSoft combines distance with short game playability and spin, which can be compromised by other low compression...

  • Garmin reveal TruSwing, Approach S20 and Approach G10

    Tuesday, 26 January 2016

    TruSwing Garmin have announced TruSwing, the company’s first golf club sensor accessory. The small, lightweight and easy-to-use sensor measures the swing metrics golfers need to improve their game, and makes the data available immediately. Unlike other swing sensors currently on the market, TruSwing supports a variety of Approach® devices., so golfers can get instant swing feedback right from their wrist after...

  • New Vokey SM6 Wedges revealed

    Written by Simon Daddow on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

    Bob Vokey boasts years of experience of working with some of the best short game exponents in golf. He’s developed specialist wedge grinds with Phil Mickelson and Steve Stricker amongst others and all this knowledge and experimentation constantly leads to new learning’s and idea’s. It’s these new ideas which have lead to the new SM6 designs. What’s Vokey realised? Well...

  • Revealed new Scotty Cameron Select putters

    Written by Equipment Editor on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

    Scotty Cameron’s obviously been reading the MOI bible, as all seven of his new Select putters incorporate an MOI story. Its no secret Scotty has legendary status when it comes to creating classic tour-tested flatsticks but he’s now incorporating multi-material’s in his new designs to not only improve sound and feel but also forgiveness. The new Studio range runs to seven...

  • Odyssey reveals White Hot RX Putters

    Written by Simon Daddow on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

    Odyssey has unveiled a new putter family boasting one of the game’s most iconic face inserts. The White Hot RX models are said to be “the next evolution in White Hot feel” and are designed to get the ball into a pure roll faster, to help control your speed. Odyssey has taken the legendary White Hot insert that’s been so popular for...

  • TaylorMade reveal new M2 Iron

    Written by Simon Daddow on Monday, 25 January 2016

    It’s always a major challenge for club designers to create game improving irons which look the bees knees. Why? Well because game improvement tech in its very nature comes in the form of chunky wide areas of weight that help counteract your mishits. And lets be honest its not often you come across a chunky, lumpy bumpy super model that...

  • TaylorMade reveal new M2 woods

    Monday, 25 January 2016

    As sexy and impressive as sliding weight drivers are most golf companies would admit they’re not every golfers cup of tea. Some golfers just want a simple driver, others won’t pay a premium for technology they don’t feel they need and a few just flat out don’t believe the sliding weight hype. Whatever the reasoning if you’ve been paying attention...

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