Sizemore reveal adjustable More wedge


We don’t blink an eye at adjustable drivers anymore, it’s expected that the big dogs of today come with a sliding or movable sole weight and an adjustable hosel as standard. Similar adjustability’s spread to fairways and hybrids too and Cobra recently launched an adjustable iron but we’ve never really seen the whole adjustability thing in a wedge before. Well that is until now. Bruce Sizemore at Sizemore Golf has come up with what he reckons is the ultimate design with his new More wedges.

We promise if you’re an adjustability nerd they’ll blow your mind, as they’re more adjustable than any club we’ve seen before.

The concept’s based around one wedge head design, and through choosing one of three hosel adaptors you create a range of lofts from 47 – 61deg. The adjustability doesn’t stop there either, an adjustable 4 - 14deg bounce means golfers can tailor the set up of the wedge to specific turf and lies, and of course their own game. The back flanges of the wedge can also be swapped to create different grind and profile options, allowing you to tinker with the wedge just like a tour pro say Sizemore.

The story doesn’t end there either. Each of the heads is created exclusively in the USA which is extremely rare nowadays. Each head is 100% milled from 303 stainless steel, and the aluminium hosel adaptor removes 60g of inefficient weight from the neck and relocates it to increase MOI and position the CG right behind the centre of the face. Sizemore also say a new “Friction Milled Face” launches shots higher with increased spin which gives extra control.    

The More wedges aren’t available until July in the USA, but you can pre-order now. They’ll come with a $399 price tag, for further information visit