SkyCaddie go slim-line


We were big fans of the SkyCaddie Linx gps watch when we tested it last year, even though it was a chunky piece of kit on the wrist. Well it seems SkyCaddie have heard us as they're launching a new slim-line SW2 gps watch.

So what's new? Well the body of course has been slimmed down which can only be a good thing for golfers, its also lighter and has a longer battery life which can last up to 14 hours in golfing conditions. There's also Bluetooth connectivity to make data syncing and score tracking easier.

Being a SkyCaddie gps the SW2 also comes pre-loaded with yardages for 35,000 worldwide courses, which includes 99% of clubs in the UK. On this particular model you get fee free access to all the usual front, centre and back of the green distances, plus shot distance functions and auto-course recognition which identifies where you're playing.

The SW2 also acts as a regular watch, and includes a host of fitness features, making it a fully-functional, multi-sport watch. A built-in odometer tracks location, distance, time, laps, speed, pace and calories burned during walks, runs or bike rides, and you can also time your rounds of golf with a pace-of-play timer.

The SW2 watch is available now from just £129.95. For further information visit