SkyCaddie Linx GT puts game-tracking on your wrist


SkyCaddie’s new top-of-the-range gps watch, the Linx GT, combines game-tracking technology with gps accuracy and a game analysis app too. Creating what SkyCaddie say is a “best of everything” solution.

The core function of the new GT is still to act as a standalone GPS watch. It gives quick distances on 35,000 worldwide courses, all of which are mapped on foot using professional surveying equipment, something which SkyCaddie say “gives you shot-saving confidence”. And there aren’t any annual fees to access the information either.

When you need more information than the compact wrist display can provide, the Linx GT gives a better view of what’s ahead by pairing wirelessly with SkyCaddie’s mobile app to provide, expanded views on your phone. Its really simple to use, simply tap the mobile screen to measure to any point on the hole and get yardages to layup in front of, or carry, hazards.

That’s not all either. The GT is also golf’s first rangefinder to include a built-in shot tracking system which, when combined with SkyCaddie’s SmartTag club tags, allows golfers to track the club, location and distance of each shot played.

SkyCaddie’s new GameTracker technology makes shot-tracking easy. The golfer merely attaches SmartTags to each club in their bag and ‘tags’ a club to their SkyCaddie Linx GT watch before taking a shot. The golfer then see’s the club, location and distance of each shot overlaid on the app’s interactive HoleVue screen. The GT also offers an AutoSwing option, which detects when and where you swing so you never miss a shot even if you forget to tag.

In the UK the basic SkyCaddie Linx GT package costs £229.95 which includes the Linx GT GPS watch, and a single SmartTag so you can try the GameTracker technology.

A full set of Gametracker SmartTags can also be bought separately for £59.95. Or golfers can buy the Linx GT Gametracker Edition with Tags for £269.95, which includes everything in the Linx GT package plus enough Smart Tags for every club in your bag. 

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