Cleveland reveal four new TFi 2135 mallet putters


Cleveland reckon they “Reinvented Alignment” when they launched the TFi 2135 putters earlier this year. By raising the sight line to the exact centre of the golf ball their engineers say all golfers can align correctly at the target no matter how they set-up over the ball.

Cleveland reckon their four new models are designed for golfers who prefer larger headed putters. They feature the same alignment technology as the original 2135’s and benefit from milled copper infused face inserts to ensure great feel, but also allow 90g of weight to be moved away from the face, improving stability and distance control.

Cleveland reveal four new TFi 2135 mallet putters

The Elevado is a tour driven, winged design which boasts of extra stability thanks to its high MOI design. The Mezzo's slightly smaller, and has an angular head with centre-shaft and slight onset to encourage getting the hands ahead of the ball. Finally the the Cero is the largest model, it’s got the longest sightline to highlight alignment and an outer ring to improve stability without adding head weight. Each of the putters comes in 33”, 34” and 35” lengths, whilst the Elevado also comes as a Counter Balanced option (the fourth new model) at 35” or 38” lengths.

Expect to see these arriving in golf shops soon with a £129 RRP, for further information visit