Srixon reveal 10th generation Soft Feel ball


Srixon are market leaders when it comes to two-piece golf balls, and to keep them ahead of the game they’ve just launched a new generation Soft Feel golf ball range. The new Soft Feel includes male and female specific models and is designed specifically for those with mid to low swing speeds.

Now in its 10th generation, the new Soft Feel provides golfers with increased feel on all shots, as well as improved greenside spin, excellent distance and enhanced accuracy from tee to green. The Soft Feel Lady ball features the same performance benefits as the men’s, but launches slightly higher and comes in Soft White and Passion Pink finish.

Both mens and ladies Soft Feel balls feature three innovations Srixon’s R&D team have come-up with to ensure maximum performance in all areas of the game.  

Softer, Lower Compression Core

The new Soft Feel feature Energetic Gradient Growth Core’s which are unique to Srixon and have contributed to the success of the market-leading AD333 golf ball. A dramatically softer 60 compression design is 12 points softer than the previous generation Soft Feel. Which Srixon reckon delivers softer feel on all full shots but without sacrificing distance and accuracy from tee to green.

Srixon reveal 10th generation Soft Feel ball

Softer, Thinner Cover

The new Soft Feel have an Ionmer cover which is 11% thinner and 5% softer than the previous model, with the softest feel rating in the low-compression golf ball category. The new softer, thinner cover provides golfers with more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts.

New Aerodynamic Speed Dimple Design:

A break-through 324 Speed Dimple pattern combines greater uniformity of dimple design with better surface coverage, resulting in less drag and a more penetrating ball flight for maximised distance on full shots.

Expect to see the new Soft Feel appearing in golf shops from early September 2016 with an RRP of £25 a dozen, for further information visit