TaylorMade reveal new 2017 M1 irons


The brief for the new M1 was simple.

Bring together all the forgiveness and playability of the original M2 with the speed slot tech of the RSi into one model for golfers who prefer a more compact head. Sounds simple but game improvement tech and compact iron heads don’t ordinarily go hand in hand.


TaylorMade reveal new M1 woods

TaylorMade reveal new M2 woods

TaylorMade reveal new M1 irons

TaylorMade reveal new M2 irons

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 TaylorMade reveal new M1 irons

Tomo Bystedt TaylorMade’s head of iron design and his team started out by removing weight from high in the club and adding 15g of tungsten weight low in the toe of the 3-7 irons. This draws the CG out towards the centre of the face and because there’s a lot of mass close to the perimeter the MOI’s increased so forgiveness is better but also the CG is lowered maximising playability.

TaylorMade are also really proud how their designers have thinned out the front wall of the speed pocket by 33%, this along with the vertical face slots increase face flex to the limit of COR rules. Which for everyday golfers means maximum ball speed protection when shots are hit either low on the face or off centre. Thinned out, “speed faces” haven’t always sounded the best so TaylorMade have paid close attention to acoustics with some very clever stiffening of strategic areas of the top edge and a cavity badge with dampening capabilities.

The M1’s aimed at the golfer putting a premium on how their irons look. If that’s you the new satin finish gives an overall “tour” feel to this performance players iron.

The M1 irons have been available from March 1st 2017.

TaylorMade M1 irons details

RRP: £849 (s) £1049 (g)

Stock shaft: True Temper XP 95 (s) Mitsubishi Kuro Kage 17 (g)

What’s new for 2017

Face slots and speed pockets
Combining face slots and speed pockets on the same model means ball protection for shots hit all over the face.

180 Fluted Hosel
The M1’s aimed at the slightly better golfer so there’s a more refined look. Weights removed from the back of the hosel so golfers don’t need to look at the “flutes” at address.

Smaller shape, narrower sole
All the forgiveness and playability of the original M2 but rolled into a smaller more compact head with trimmed down dimensions for the more refined player.

Geocoustic engineering
Acoustics become really important when you start thinning down areas of the face. TaylorMade’s engineers have tuned the acoustics to dampen low-frequencies so you get optimal feel and sound.

Tungsten toe weight
Small 15g tungsten parcels are positioned low in the toe to bring the CG within a 1mm of the centre of the face. Thanks to the positioning, MOI (forgiveness) is increased and the CG is lowered.

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