TaylorMade reveal 2017 M2 driver and woods



As good as the original M2 driver was, its success in the hands of tour players surely was never predicted at TaylorMade’s HQ in Carlsbad. Why? Well because M2’s TaylorMade’s most forgiving driver, and not many brands expect their most forgiving big dogs to be widely played on tour.

DJ, Sergio, Rosey and plenty of others put the M2 in play (and won with it in the bag) and the fact Rory McIIroy choose (without being paid) to game it following Nike pulling out of the equipment market, speaks volumes about the drivers awesome combination of power and forgiveness.


TaylorMade reveal new M1 woods

TaylorMade reveal new M2 woods

TaylorMade reveal new M1 irons

TaylorMade reveal new M2 irons

TaylorMade reveal new M1 TP5 and TP5x golf balls

If it’s so good, how have TaylorMade improved M2 for 2017? Well much like the new M1 it’s taken a decent session at the drawing board and plenty of head scratching and sleepless nights to strip every component back to bare basics and figure out a way to improve every single one.

TaylorMade are speed pocket specialists. What they don’t know about getting a club face to flex and spring back quicker isn’t worth knowing. So it’s no surprise they’ve gone deeper and more flexible with this latest model. For you that means even greater ball speed protection when shots aren’t hit from the centre of the face.

TaylorMade reveal new M2 woods

With drivers now limited to 460cc in size it takes some seriously clever thinking to work out how 460cc of volume can be more effectively used. TaylorMade’s solution is to recess the toe section into the head, which frees up volume.  And the ingenious idea makes it’s possible to increase the footprint size of the driver as well as making the face 7% larger, which ultimately leads to more forgiveness.

And in case you’re wondering, if the sole was filled in (so it wasn’t recessed), the head would be over the 460cc rules limit, which we reckon says TaylorMade’s boffins have come up with some really simple but very clever geometry tech.      

M2’s all about distance and forgiveness, its construction method means no valuable gram’s are taken up creating weight tracks. So dial M2 in to fit your game without needing the extra tweaking of sliding weights (like the M1) to optimise launch and spin and we reckon you’re on to an absolute winner, as don’t forget it costs less than M1 too!   

Expect to see the M2 appearing in golf shops from January 27th 2017.

TaylorMade M2 Driver Details

RRP: £369

Lofts: 9.5 / 10.5 / 12

Stock shaft: Fujikura Pro XLR8 56 (High Launch)

What’s new for 2017

M2 Comparison

Geocoustic design
With a bigger footprint and 7% larger face, some serious engineering’s needed to make new M2 sound good. External sound ribs on the sole optimize vibration of the sole for exceptional feel and sound.

More flexible Speed Pocket
A deeper speed pocket with extra flex means extra ball speed protection on shots hit away from the centre of the face. Meaning additional distance consistency and forgiveness over the superb original M2.

High MOI
A new 9-1-1 titanium and lighter crown (as it’s gone from 7 layers to 6) plus the new larger footprint mean TaylorMade’s engineers have located 25g of weight low and deep in the head and pushed the MOI over 5,000 g-cm2. Which is seriously forgiving.

Recessed sole and larger footprint
By pushing the toe of the sole into the head extra volumes freed up, which means it’s possible to increase the foot print size, and make the driver more forgiving. If the sole was filled the size would be too big to conform to the rules.

New D-Type model
If you’re a slicer there’s a specific M2 for you. A new D-Type M2 has more weight in the heel to create a draw bias (up to 20 yards). There’s a slight hosel offset and the heads been painted to look like it sits square even though the clubface is closed.


 TaylorMade reveal new M2 woods

The original M2 fairway was almost as popular on tour as was it was with club golfers, purely because it was so long. We’ve heard stories about tour pro’s lofting up as a traditional 3 wood (15deg) carried nearly as far as their driver.

The new M2 has a shallower profile, lighter fluted hosel, more flexible speed pocket, a 6-layer carbon crown and a new Geocoustic sole. All of which TaylorMade reckon adds up to 5 yards (over the original M2 fairway) of carry distance even when you hit shots off centre.

TaylorMade M2 Fairway Details

 RRP: £229

Lofts: #3 – 15 / 3HL – 16.5 / #5 – 18 / 5HL – 21 / 7HL – 24

Stock shaft: TM REAX


 TaylorMade reveal new M2 woods

The M2 Rescue is TaylorMade’s first hybrid to feature the distinctive black and white crown cosmetics used in the M Family drivers and fairways. A new “two tiered” crown helps lower the CG to improve forgiveness and playability and there’s a shorter fluted hosel to free up additional weight.

A low profile body matches the M2 fairway, and a longer more flexible speed pocket offers excellent ball speed retention on both middle and off centre hits. A new Geocoustic sole optimises sound, and there’s more draw bias plus a higher launch tendency which is well suited to club golfers.

TaylorMade M2 Rescue Details

RRP: £189

Lofts: #3 – 19 / #4 – 22 / #5 – 25 / #6 – 28

Stock shaft: TM REAX

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