Wilson Staff Triton Driver - Driver vs. Driver Winner ruled nonconforming


Two versions of Wilson’s Triton driver, the winner of the brand's 'Driver vs. Driver' competition have been ruled as non-conforming, pending a change in the product's design.

The USGA did issue a conforming ruling on the 9 degree Triton on December 5 but the 10.5- and 12-degree heads have been deemed illegal for now.


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Feedback from the USGA requires Wilson to reduce the rear edge of the Triton driver's sole plates by a few millimeters, making the sole plates consistent with those of the 9 degree Triton DVD model.

They are also required to remove the optional 12-gram weight from the Triton accessory kit in order for the driver to come into conformity.

In a statement Wilson Golf said, "While we are very disappointed in the USGA's position on the Triton, doing what's right for our players and their game comes first.

"As we are a global golf brand with a 100-year track record of only bringing conforming products to the market, we want to assure the Triton is not the exception, regardless of configuration.

"Therefore, we will proactively remove the optional 12-gram weight from all Triton accessory kits.

"This action combined with the new modified sole plates will be submitted to the USGA for review this week.

"We are confident that these modifications will satisfy the USGA's concerns, and that the driver, across lofts, will be placed on the December 19th conforming list."

If you have already purchased the Triton Driver, Wilson advise you to visit www.wilson.com/Triton and register to be notified as soon as the Triton sole plate exchange program begins.