Titleist launch lightweight Waterproof 4UP Stand Bag


Feature laden modern stand bags can weigh a ton, especially if you get caught out in a heavy down pour. So Titleist have come up with the idea of producing a simple, waterproof stand bag that's big enough to house all your golfing kit but won't weigh you down on the back nine.

The 4UP is not launching until March 1st but it's been specifically designed to weigh in at under 4lbs which is just 1.8kg! All the seams in the bag are sealed just like a waterproof jacket to keep the rain out. Theres also 4 waterproof pockets to keep your kit protected from the elements, a 3 way top with full length dividers and an Active Recoil Stand which flexs the base of the bag for added stability.

Expect to see the 4UP in golf shops from March 1st with an RRP of £175. For further information www.titleist.co.uk