Benross reveal new HTX Type R


Benross have made some quality gear for years now. But what’s different between them and other brands for 2016 is they’ve reduced RRP’s where others have increased theirs.

We’re not quite sure how Benross do it, but they offer some of the same top quality components you’ll find in top end drivers yet their new HTX Driver is just £129. Its probably got something to do with not paying tour players huge bucks to play their products which means you the end consumer gets a fairer price. 

So whats new?

HTX Type R Driver £179.99

Loft: 10.5deg Shaft: Kuro Kage Silver TiNi

The new HTX Type R is a cast titanium head which is the same construction method used for many leading drivers. This construction method means less welded joints so more weight is saved to influence the CG location and MOI. A new thinner crown along with the construction method has saved enough weight for a CG weight to be positioned forward in the sole to lower spin and help deliver a penetrating ball flight. Benross reckon the “Fluid Dynamic” head shaping also reduces drag, while a “CT Response Channel” behind the face maximises ball speeds. To top off a cracking driver there’s also an adjustable hosel which lets you tune loft by +/- 1.5deg.

HTX Type R Iron 5-SW £379 (s) £429 (g)

Shaft: KBS Tour 90 (s) Kuro Kage (g)

Cup Face’s have been used for years in drivers to maximise energy transfer and maintain ball speeds especially when shots are hit off centre. It means the heads are more expensive to produce as there’s two pieces to join, hence why the technology is used primarily on premium irons. But Benross have delivered the technology at a price that won’t break the bank. The heads are cast and Benross reckon the thin unsupported faces are the quickest they’ve ever created so expect explosive distance. A progressive top line thickness looks great at address while the mid-sole width and cavity back offers performance with playability.