Srixon reveal new AD333 Tour ball


Srixon's AD333 Tour has been about for a while, but they reckon this new version excels for golfers who doen't possess a tour-level swing speed but do demand a tour-level ball. Srixon say their R&D Team has delivered more advanced performance compared to the previous AD333 Tour model, when it comes to Distance, Control and Feeling.

The main differences between the new AD333 Tour and its predecessor is a softer compression that combines a higher launch and lower spin which ultimately delivers longer distance on all shots.  A new Srixon Energetic Gradient Growth™ (E.G.G.) Core, has softer compression by 5 points, also helps achieve higher launch angle, lower spin, longer distance and softer feel.

The ball has a firm outer layer that softens towards the centre, Srixon's E.G.G. cores are precisely cured at different temperatures to achieve stiffness variation within a single material component. Unlike other multi-piece golf balls that jump from one stiffness to the next, Srixon's E.G.G. balls provide greater long-term durability and consistent power distribution.

A second generation SpinSkin (the same that features on the Z-Star) and a super-soft, super-thin urethane cover also combine to create more advanced short game performance around the greens. Driven to improve greenside spin without sacrificing distance and tee to green control, the new SpinSkin™ coating increases frictional force by 18% and overall softness by 21% compared to the previous model – resulting in unmatched greenside performance.

Finally a next generation 324 Speed Dimple™ Pattern improves the aerodynamics of the golf ball, with more enhanced surface area and less drag leading to more penetrating and longer drives, whilst Srixon’s High Visibility Technology ensures the new AD333 Tour, with its Pure White™ coating, guarantees fantastic visibility against cloudy skies and in the rough. 

 “The AD333 Tour is an absolutely fantastic golf ball that features advanced-performance technology which improves short game control and feel as well as distance – which is very hard to achieve,” commented Ben Davis, Brand/Marketing Manager – Srixon Sports Europe.

“This golf ball is perfect for golfers who demand the precision of a tour-level ball, but don't necessarily have the swing speed of a tour pro. Our testing shows that golfers who have a swing speed of around 80 mph with the driver gain distance hitting the new AD333 Tour over the Z-Star golf ball. Conversely testing has shown that golfers with swing speeds of around 90mph, with the driver, would gain more distance with the Z-Star whilst those with 105mph + would benefit from using Z-Star XV" added Davis.

Expect to see these arriving in pro shops and golf stores from the beginning of February 2016 with an RRP of £36 per dozen. For further information visit




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