Ecco reveal Cage Evo shoe


Ecco are renowned for making leather shoes, they've sung about the benefits of Yak skin for years now. In case you don't know they own leather tanneries and sell tons of leather to top designer brands too for turning into handbags and accessories. That’s how passionate they are about the stuff.

But times are a changing. And if you haven’t been watching closely there’s been a significant move away from traditional leather golf shoes over the last two years. Ecco then for the first time ever have decided to update their popular new Cage shoe with a lightweight PU textile upper and call it the Cage Evo. The thinking behind the switch is they reckon the new material along with its polyurethane web structure outer promotes incredible comfort, reduces weight and allows them to make a one-piece shoe that doesn’t have any seams. Which to you and me means once a Hydromax treatment is applied you get a very solid water-tight seal.

The Evo feature a one-piece stability Cage which runs from the toes under the foot and wraps round the heel to increase stability. There’s also an anatomical outsole which aligns and moves with the foots essential ligaments and muscles increasing comfort. And because natural fitting shoes are in Ecco’s DNA you also get the usual “Freedom Fit” which gives a roomier forefoot area to allow your toes to move more naturally. Expect to see the Evo in good golf shops soon, there’s five colour options and they’ll tip the scales at £160 a pair. For further information visit