Srixon reveal new Z family of golf clubs


Unlike some top golf brands Srixon don’t scream from the hilltops when they launch a new product. Instead they take a much more-subtle controlled Japanese approach, safe in the knowledge their products which are top drawer will shine through once player tested. So you’ve probably not heard much about the new Z family, even though world number 15th Hideki Matsuyama’s been playing them for a while. They’ll be hitting the shelves in August and this is their story.

Srixon reveal new Z family Srixon reveal new Z family

Z 565 and Z 765 Drivers


Z565 lofts: 9.5deg/10.5deg Shaft: Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 5 

Z765 lofts: 9.5deg/10.5deg Shaft: Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 6

We liked the shape of Srixon’s previous drivers here at TG, their cosmetics are really simple and tailored towards better golfers. It goes without saying then both these new drivers feature cracking head shapes and each has a new “power wave sole” which Srixon say allows the lower portion of the face to bend more to harness extra power across the entire club face. There’s also a new “stretch flex” cup face which extends further onto the crown and sole to create a larger more forgiving sweet spot. 4g of weight has been removed from the crown so the MOI’s increased while the CG’s been lowered to promote higher launch from the tee. So what’s the difference between the two drivers? Well the Z765 is aimed at higher swing speed players. It’s got a slightly smaller 445cc head size, its shaft is heavier and there’s a neutral shot bias compared to the Z565’s slight draw bias set up.


Srixon reveal new Z family Srixon reveal new Z family

Z F65 Fairway and Z H65 Hybrid

£TBC Fairway £TBC Hybrid

Fairway lofts: 3+/13.5deg, 3/15deg, 4/17deg, 5/19deg, 7/21deg Shaft: Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 6

Hybrid lofts: 2/16deg, 3/19deg, 4/22deg Shaft: Miyazaki Kaula Hybrid 7 

Any new driver launch is never complete without a fairway and hybrid to match. Srixon’s engineers have come up with a new “arc support channel” on the crown which gets deeper by loft to promote a lower CG, meaning you launch shots higher with optimal spin. The new tech also optimises flex particularly high on the face to maximise ball speeds and distance. We really like the inclusion of a 17deg 4 wood which can come in really handy from both the fairway and tee if you only carry one fairway wood.


Srixon’s engineers didn’t stop at creating new woods and hybrids either, they’ve also created a whole family of new Z irons too.

Srixon reveal new Z family

Z565 Irons


Availability: 3 SW Shaft: Nippon NS Pro 980 (s) Miyazaki Kaula Iron 8 (g)

A highly playable forged cavity back that promotes distance and forgiveness say Srixon. It’s got a new Tour VT sole to reduce turf resistance and tighten shot dispersion, control and consistency. An ultra-soft S20C body is combined with a SUP10 spring face insert for higher ball speeds and greater distance. 5% larger grooves and a double laser milled face pattern improve strike consistency and spin control. 

Srixon reveal new Z family

Z765 Irons


Availability: 3 - SW Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold or Nippon NS Pro Modus 3 120(s)

Srixon refer to the 765 as a muscle cavity back and as such with its trimmed down profile is aimed at skilled players. Like the 565 there’s a new Tour VT sole to reduce turf resistance and tighten up shot dispersion, control and consistency and wider grooves plus a double laser milled face pattern. The whole head is forged from ultra-soft S20C steel to deliver the smoothest and most consistent feel say Srixon.

Srixon reveal new Z family

Z965 Irons


Availability: 3-PW Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold

An iron for the seriously good ball striker or as Srixon say the most advanced, demanding players. They’re the set chosen by Hideki Matsuyama because thanks to their full on compact blade design they offer the maximum amount of control and workability. They too are forged from super soft S20C steel with the same new sole and face groove tech as the 765 and 565’s.