Odyssey reveal new X Act Tank Chipper


Chippers have always struggled to feature on the scale of cool. It’s mainly because they’re aimed at golfers who struggle to chip with a conventional wedge or seven iron which if you’ve ever been afflicted by the short game yips definitely isn’t cool. Lob in how they’re usually associated with bargain bucket pricing and you’ve got a pretty potent combination which no matter how bad your short game is a difficult sell.

Odyssey are out to change all that with their brand new Chipper, the X-Act Tank. Yes Odyssey tried something similar a few years ago but they insist this new design is different and it’s got the capability to instil confidence to your short game. First off there’s a new heavier 355g head which has come about thanks to the success of the Tank range of putters. Odyssey say the extra weight promotes a smoother swing to increase contact consistency whilst a heavier grip also gives a counter balance feel that helps quiet the hands through impact.

There’s a hybrid like sole to improve turf interaction and versatility, which Odyssey reckon is great at eliminating the stubbed and bladed shots associated with poor chipping and pitching. A polymer insert maximises feel just like a putter and a Marxman alignment system helps with lining up shots for better accuracy. In a new move there’s also an oversized non taper Superstroke chipper grip which helps stabilize the wrists and encourages you to use a consistent putting motion along with the 37deg loft (somewhere between a 7 and 8 iron) to chip, pitch and bump ’n running shots closer to the flag.

Expect to see the new chipper in store now with an RRP of £109, for further information visit www.odysseygolf.com.