5 of the best wet weather grips


Which grips are best in the rain?

It's always worth taking the time to give your grips an overhaul.

If a good scrub in soapy water and drying with a clean towel isn't enough to bring them back to life, a regrip is always a sound investment.

And if you want a grip that's capable of performing in all weathers, here are five of our favourites.

1 Golf Pride Z-Grip

Golf Pride Z-Grip

£8.50 per grip
The daddies when it comes to grips say the Z is their best performing grip when it comes to moisture management.

2 Lamkin UTx

Lamkin UTx

£7 per grip
A firm and tacky top layer enhances traction and feel while moisture wicking cord draws damp away from the hands.

3 G-Rip A-Tac

G-Rip A-Tac

£6 per grip
The A-Tac has a really tacky feel, and once it's got wet and is dried off with a towel it becomes even tackier.

4 SuperStroke S-Tech

SuperStroke S-Tech

£8.99 per grip
The grip that's used by Spieth and Sergio. A cross-traction surface texture provides an excellent non-slip surface.

5 Iomic Sticky 2.3

Iomic Sticky 2.3

£12 per grip
The Sticky is water resistant so unlike some grips it doesn't soak up water. Just wipe the grip to regain its tacky feel.