How to make your Taylor Made M1 driver more forgiving


If you own TaylorMade’s popular M1 driver, here's how to set it up for ultimate forgiveness...

The M1 has two weight tracks featuring two sliding weights, so it makes perfect sense that if you combine both weights in the same track and position them at the back of the head, forgiveness has to be improved.


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The shot bias weight (in the front track) is 5g heavier than the shot trajectory weight at the back – so it makes sense this one goes at the back with the lighter, trajectory weight directly in front of it for maximum forgiveness. 

All you need do is use your TaylorMade wrench to remove the screws and caps from both weights.

Slide the inner weights to the “Low” and “Draw” settings and jiggle the head to get them out.

Carefully reposition the heaviest (black) weight at the back, with the lighter (red) weight in front of it and replace the screws and weight caps.

Hey presto you’ve now got an M1 set up for total forgiveness!