Callaway reveal new Big Bertha OS irons and hybrids


Callaway’s Big Bertha name when it comes to irons has been synonymous with super forgiving game improvement technology ever since the first BB appeared in 1994. It’s no surprise then the new Big Bertha OS is aimed firmly at the “Super Game Improver”.

We’ve heard golf club engineers murmur before about how irons especially those designed for maximum forgiveness are rapidly being constructed with hollow bodies much more like woods and hybrids. And the hollow body idea is a concept Callaway’s R&D team have taken to the max and injected with steroids for the new Big Bertha.  

Callaway reveal new Big Bertha OS irons and hybrids     


We’ve all heard the benefits perimeter weighting brings to irons when it comes to maximum forgiveness. But Callaway reckon by creating a lightweight, strong Exo-Cage around and inside the Big Bertha’s head they’ve unlocked even more inefficient weight. This mass we’re told has been repositioned to strategic locations to promote ultimate forgiveness. Which means for you when shots are hit off centre the head twists less, you lose less ball speed and you’re more accurate.        

Callaway reveal new Big Bertha OS irons and hybrids

Next-generation 360 Face Cup

Ball speed is the hottest topic in golf right now. Increase it and you’re highly likely to pick up distance and that’s exactly where Callaway’s 360 Face Cup comes into its own. Creating the face as a separate piece means its thickness and dimensions can be controlled really closely. Allowing engineers to speed up larger areas so you don’t lose ball speed when shots are sprayed all over the face. Callaway reckon their Next Gen 360 Face Cup is close to the rules limit for springiness of a driver face which means maximum ball speed, ultimate distance and super forgiveness.   

Tungsten weighting

Tungsten maybe super dense and heavy and brilliant for focusing a lot of weight in a small area but it’s also incredibly expensive and the more you use the more it costs. Irons that feature lots of tungsten weighting typically sky rocket in price. But Callaway insist by locating the weight they’ve freed up using their Exo Cage body into one dense tungsten mass they’re able to lower the centre of gravity. And you’ve guessed it, a lower CG promotes higher launching shots for more carry, and extra ball speed when shots are impacted low on the face.    

Progressive centre of gravity

With so much tungsten weighting inside the Big Bertha’s head it makes sense to use it your advantage, and that’s exactly what Callaway’s engineers have done. By cleverly altering the weights positioning they’ve created a progressive CG. Which for you means more help launching the mid-long irons and increased control with the shorter sticks.

Women’s and seniors 

Women’s and seniors irons are nothing new but unlike some Callaway have engineered a set of Big Bertha’s to have a lighter overall weight. This helps you generate faster club and ball speeds so no matter what your swing speed you can maximise distance and forgiveness potential.

Details: Callaway Big Bertha OS Irons

RRP: £849 (s) £ 1099 (g)

Availability: 4-PW, AW, SW

Stock shafts: True Temper Speed Step 80, UST Recoil ES 460

There's Big Bertha hybrids too...

Callaway reveal new Big Bertha OS irons and hybrids

Hybrids are integral parts of the golfers set and are typically bought when investing in a new set of irons, hence why lots of new iron launches come accompanied by hybrids too. Just like the BB OS irons the hybrids feature an Exo-Cage body which removes weight from useless areas of the head and refocuses it in positions that help you hit better shots, more often. There’s a Face Cup with springiness close to the legal limit to keep ball speeds high, and more tungsten sole weighting to increase forgiveness. There’s also a longer and wider head to boost MOI and an aerodynamic speed step crown to improve airflow efficiency. You might ask why’s there an adjustable hosel on a hybrid that’s aimed at the game improvement market? Well Callaway reckon it allows golfers to dial in the exact loft and shot shape they desire which means ultimate versatility.

Details: Big Bertha OS Hybrids

RRP: £229

Lofts: 3H/19°, 4H/22°, 5H/25°, 6H/28°, 7H/31°

Adjustable hosel: Yes