PXG target forgiveness with new 0311 XF irons


PXG say they develop new products without time or cost constraints. And with having a compact tour and moderate sized iron in their range already it makes perfect sense they’ve turned focus onto “xtreme forgiveness” with the latest launch.

When other brands create super forgiving irons most immediately go for huge cavity back designs to get as much weight as far from the centre of the face as possible. PXG though go about it in a completely different way. They’ve stuck with the hollow body construction they use in their other irons and simply increased the blade length, pumped up the sole width and hosel offset and positioned weight lower inside the cavity to increase MOI and forgiveness. Which to everyday golfers means more ball speed retained when shots don’t hit the centre of the face and extra help launching shots higher from the turf.    

PXG target forgiveness with new 0311 XF irons

You’d be forgiven for thinking the new XF’s look much like PXG’s 0311 and 0311T irons as that’s because they do. Why do PXG have three irons that look so similar? Well its all about showing confidence in what they’re doing. They believe the head shape, construction and general design of their irons is what golfers want and its tech offers ultimate performance. By simply adjusting the tech for different types of golfers, they’re creating irons for the masses which don’t bear the usual “game improvement” look. Which for us is refreshing as many brands redesign each iron from the ground up, inevitably meaning most “game improvement” irons don’t look anything like “better player” irons…which can lead to some designs coming with a certain stigma attached.

The O311XF’s will appear in the UK soon with an RRP from £240 per club, to find your nearest stockist visit www.pxg.com.