Best micro GPS devices


If you’re looking for a new GPS device but don’t want to spend a fortune on a laser-rangefinder, these micro GPS’ might just be the perfect fit.

They’ll not have a slope function like a laser-rangefinder, but each of our top 5 micro GPS devices will give you accurate distances to front, middle, back and to hazards – making them perfect for the average club golfer. 

So which micro GPS’ made our list? 

Sky Caddie SR1: £129.95

Our verdict: The SR1 is laden with tech but SkyCaddie reckon it’s the lightest and most compact micro on the market. You get green distances, layup targets, shot distance measurement, digital scoring, hole stats (fairways hit), tness tracking and calories burnt as well a clock and access to 35,000 worldwide courses. 

SkyCaddie SR1

Sky Caddie SR1: Read Full Review

GolfBuddy CT2: £129.99

Our verdict: Designed to be clipped onto almost anything. You get all the usual distances plus lay-up and hazard yardages, an odometer and a clock.

The CT2 comes with a lanyard so it can be secured to the towel ring on a golf bag too. Access 40,000 measured courses for free. 

golfbuddy CT2

GolfBuddy CT2: Read Full Review

Bushnell Neo Ghost: £99

Our verdict: GPS don’t come much more straight forward than the Ghost. Distances are shown to the back, centre and front of each green and up to four hazards per hole, which is just about all you really need.

Each unit comes with an attachable clip and Bushnell reckon its battery life is so good you can play 3 rounds before it needs recharging. This handy little device is so useful, our Digital Editor swears by it. 

Bushnell Neo Ghost

Bushnell Neo Ghost: Read Full Review

GolfBuddy Voice 2: £114.49

Our verdict: Walk to anywhere on the golf course and push the Voice’s front button and it reels off how far you have to the front, centre and back of a green. Dynamic green views show distances from the golfers perspective.

You get a choice of either a male or female voice, 11 languages and it can be clipped onto a cap or worn with a wristband (sold separately) as a watch. 

GolfBuddY VOICE 2

GolfBuddy Voice 2: Read Full Review

Garmin Approach G10: £129.99

Our verdict: Distances are limited to front, back and middle of greens, along with hazards, but there is a view to show the shape of the green and you can manually position the pin. The screen is just 1.3in square, an odometer means you can track how far you’ve gone and there’s a digital scorecard function, too. 


Garmin Approach G10: Read Full Review

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