Lamkin introduce Z5 grips


Lamkin Corporation have introduced their latest innovation in the form of their new Z5 grip, aimed to deliver maximum control, comfort and consistency with every swing.

The Lamkin Z5 grip boasts 5 distinct zones, each delivering a specific function advantage which features FingerLock panels and a soft cord weave design. The high-performance Lamkin Z5 grips are made from a proprietary rubber compound that is aimed to maximize durability and torsion control while simultaneously designed to work in all weather conditions.

Bob Lamkin, Presiden and CEO of Lamkin, believes this grip is the most sophisticated that the 92-year-old company has ever produced thanks to a variety of compounds, textures and colours.

He said: “This is the most advanced grip Lamkin has ever produced, as our team of engineers scientifically broke down the key characteristics required to properly support the top and bottom hands during the swing,”

“We developed unique patterns, compounds, and textures for the Z5 that enhance feel and incorporate alignment aides to increase confidence and consistency with every shot.”

Each zone of Z5 is uniquely designed for a specific performance-enhancing function. The horizontal pattern and soft cord weave under the upper hand enhances grip stability and traction, while a shallow micro texture at the bottom improves feel and comfort for the lower hand. Carefully designed patterns and a simulated rope texture in the middle zone promote proper hand pressure and placement, creating a fluid backswing to better position the club head for increased speed, distance and control.

Lamkin's new Z5 grips have 5 distinct zones

Zones 1 and 2

The first two zones feature soft cord weave designed to provide the top hand with exceptional traction, enhanced comfort and slip-free confidence in all weather conditions.

Zone 3

The third zone includes two FingerLock panels to ensure the thumb is in an optimal position, while a simulated rope texture offers a tactile response to enhance club control without the need for excessive grip pressure.

Zones 4 and 5

The final two zones provide an exceptional feel for the lower hand thanks to the shallow micro-texture and a V-shaped dividing groove that promotes consistent  hand positioning

The Z5 became available in February and comes in red, black and blue color combinations in standard and midsize models.