The new way to get a perfect grip


If you need help getting your hands consistently in the right place on the club, Golf Pride’s latest grip is here to help.

ALIGN Technology features a raised ridge that extends down the back of the grip so you can feel when your fingers are in the right place.

It’s going to appear on the traditional MCC taper profile and MCC Plus4’s larger lower hand profile, from May.

“80% of Tour players trust their games to Golf Pride, which allows us to conduct extensive testing to create an innovation that delivers consistent results,” said Jonathan Neal, Global Marketing Manager for Golf Pride Grips. 

“A repeatable grip is critical for a lot of the best players in the world. However, they uniformly provided us feedback that they want it to be more pronounced.  That insight led us to develop ALIGN Technology to assist the best players in the world and amateurs alike to feel alignment and to square the clubface.”

When the grip is fitted, a raised ridge on the back pops up to give immediate feedback. It’s also 50% firmer than the surrounding rubber to exaggerate the feel.