Callaway reveal new 2017 Chrome Soft X ball


Callaway reveal new 2017 Chrome Soft X golf ball.

Callaway’s Chrome Soft was the “ball that changed the ball”.

It brought the whole low compression debate firmly to the surface. Callaway made sure their tour players used it and its bagged more than a few tournaments around the globe.

But the master stroke was selling the premium ball for £32.99 a dozen when others were closer to £50.


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Due to Chrome Soft’s success and because very rarely is a single ball option good enough to suit all players, Callaway have developed a new Chrome Soft X to cover off all comers. Make no mistake the X is aimed at higher swing speed players, those who deform a golf ball so much at impact, energy is lost.

It’s no surprise then the X’s have a higher compression (from Chrome Soft 16’s 75 to 90) which gives a firmer feel, and thanks to some new HEX aerodynamics you get a lower more penetrating flight that’s desired by better players. There’s also more through the bag spin to offer extra workability but without sacrificing distance, and Callaway say it feels softer than other X-type balls on the market.    


Chrome Soft X £32.99

Available from 3rd February 2017.

At a glance tech:

New compression

Make no mistake the X isn’t just another golf ball. The X’s dual core compression has risen from 41 (with Chrome Soft 16) to 72 which is huge. An overall compression rise from 75 (with Chrome Soft 16) to 90 is also significant. It all means a slightly firmer feel across the board, but with tour-level performance.   

Enhanced aerodynamics and lower flight

Callaway have re-tooled the cover of the X because of its construction method, and they’ve taken the opportunity to refine the dimple pattern to deliver a lower more penetrating flight which they say better players desire.

Extra ball speed

By controlling the deformation of the ball at very high swing speeds the X loses less energy. Which ultimately means more power off the club face and extra ball speed.

Softer feel

If you’re already playing an X-style golf ball, Callaway reckon their new Chrome Soft X not only offers superior across the board performance but also feel softer too.     

Extra spin

Callaway say some of their tour stars couldn’t spin the original Chrome Soft enough to work the ball in the shape they wanted. So the X offers extra spin throughout the bag, yet greenside control is very much like the Chrome Soft.

4-piece construction

Just like the Chrome Soft and most other premium tour balls the X runs to 4 layers. A dual core, mantle layer and cover are all tuned to perform at high swing speeds.  

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