Out Now: Odyssey unveil new 2017 O-Works putters


Odyssey introduce their new range of O-Works putters for 2017.

Odyssey can lay claim to having lead the way in putter innovation for the last 20+ years; think back to the legendary White Hot insert of the 1990's that changed how golfers felt putters should feel.

Odyssey O-Works gallery


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While the 2-Ball and Versa alignment technologies of the noughties simplified alignment for tour players and millions of club golfers alike. With such big technological leaps under their belt it's hard to argue against the brands new "microhinge" face insert changing how golfers see putter roll in the future too.

We all comment on how playing partners hit putts with "nice roll", well Odyssey's engineers reckon they're new "microhinge" face insert stands right on the cusp of redefining what golfers consider to be good roll. New finger shaped grips on the stainless steel face plate are combined with a thermoplastic elastomer feel layer to grab and interact with the golf balls cover at impact, and lift the ball into a better roll.

Combine this new roll tech with 8 tour-proven head shapes and an updated Versa alignment system with high contrast linear designs to show proper face angle alignment at address and throughout your putting stroke and it's fair to say Odyssey are onto a winner again. And because Odyssey understand us golfers don't all like the same things there's 14 different head set ups to choose from with reversed colours, centre shafts, counter balancing and 3 grip styles too.

O-Works insert

Odyssey 2017 O-Works Details:

Expect to see the Odyssey O-Works models arriving in golf shops from 17th Feb 2017.

RRP: £179 (2-Ball models £199).

Odyssey O-Works Models:

Odyssey O-Works Blades: #1, #1 Tank, #1 Wide, #2, #9.

Odyssey O-Works Mallets: #7, #7 Tank, R-Line, R-Line CS, V-Line Fang CH and 2-Ball.

Grip choices:

Superstroke Pistol GT Tour (with Counter Core Tech)

Superstroke Slim 2.0 (with Counter Core Tech)

Superstroke Tank (Tank models only)

Odyssey O-Works gallery

Odyssey O-Works #1


Odyssey O-Works #1 Wide


Odyssey O-Works #2


Odyssey O-Works #9


Odyssey O-Works #7


Odyssey O-Works R-Line


Odyssey O-Works 2-Ball


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