Wilson Staff reveal new D300 family


Wilson’s “D” family has promised “Ultimate Distance” since it was first introduced a few years ago. So it’s no surprise their engineers have ramped up the revs and gone all out for speed and distance with the new D300’s.

Wilson’s engineers were tasked with the need to go faster, and they’ve delivered by making the driver one of the lightest on the market. The heads significantly lighter than most drivers and it’s teamed up with a very slender 44g Matrix Speed Rulz shaft, to deliver an extremely dainty overall weight.

This time the engineers haven’t just concentrated on slimming down mass to improve speed either. They’ve also come up with new “Micro Vortex Generators” on the crown which Wilson reckon reduce drag and improves airflow efficiency across the head. Meaning you swing faster without putting in any extra effort.

Speed’s a theme running through the whole D300 range and the new D300 iron promises greater ball speed thanks to FLX Face technology.

Power holes around the face remove mass which means 60g of extra weight is now repositioned in toe and heel pods to maximise forgiveness on off centre hits.

With only 26% of the face in contact with the body Wilson reckon face spring is increased too so you get faster ball speeds and greater distance.

New D300 Fairway’s and hybrids top off the range and both benefit from a new Carpenter 455 Steel face which has been designed to increase rebound speed and max out ball speed.

There’s also “Micro Vortex Generators” on the crown of both along with larger heads on the stronger lofted hybrids to maximise forgiveness on longer shots.

Expect to see the D300 range arriving in shops from 10th February. Prices start from £279 for the driver, £155 for the fairway and £139 for the hybrids.

While a set of irons will set you back £579 in steel shafts and £659 in graphite.

For more information visit www.wilson.com.