Mizuno reveal new CLK hybrid


Mizuno have revaled their latest CLK Hybrid, which they say covers off loft gaps between your irons and fairway woods

No new iron launch is complete nowadays without a a matching hybrid offering. So hot on the heels of the new MP-18 irons and S18 Wedge there is also a brand new CLK hybrid which Mizuno reckon allows you to cover off loft gaps between your irons and fairway woods.

The Mizuno CLK hybrid will be available from September 2017, and according to Mizuno it comes with faster ball speeds and produces a high but lower spinning ball flight. 

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Mizuno CLK Hybrid: Details

The new Mizuno CLK Hybrid features an eight-way adjustable hosel, which means their lofts can be precisely tuned to fill distance gaps between your longest iron and shortest fairway wood.

A shockwave sole transfers more energy for faster balls speeds, but also pushes weight lower and forward for a high but low-spinning flight.

The ultra-thin maraging steel face further promotes faster ball speeds while also freeing up mass to create a more stable clubhead. Mizuno say the club’s versatile playing profile means the CLK is as equally at home from the fairway or tee.

Mizuno CLK hybrid

CLK hybrids are available in four RH models (#2 - 16°, #3 - 19°, #4 - 22°, #5 - 25°), the eight-way adjustable hosel means theres up to 32 set-up possibilities, including a +/- 2 degrees lie option, so there’s scope for every golfer to create their ideal CLK line-up, ball flight and address look.

Mizuno CLK hybrid

Mizuno CLK Hybrid: What Mizuno Say

“We all play hybrids a little differently,” says Bill Price, Custom Fit Manager Mizuno.

“Faster ball speed players tend to slot them in before a 3- or 4-iron. For mid and slow swing speeds, having two, three or even four CLKs in the bag becomes a great way to maintain some yardage gaps.” 

Expect to see the new CLK hybrid is golf shops from August 2017 with an RRP of £245, for further information visit golf.mizunoeurope.com