Mizuno reveal new S18 wedge


Mizuno have revealed their new S18 wedge, which comes complete with a new loft-specific design

It's no secret that Mizuno are much more well known for their forged irons than they are their wedges, but they are certainly trending in the right direction. Having someone like Luke Donald, who is regularly amongst the best on tour with their wedges, has mean't they've consisently upped their short game offering overthe last few years. 

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Mizuno S18 Wedge: The Details

Mizuno say each club in the new S18 range has been designed with its own unique profile, sole grind and groove depth, which has been engineered to be most effective for its intended use. A rounded silhouette shape, allows the blade to be opened up easily without impacting alignment, meaning you can play a variety of shots with each loft from the 46˚ pitching wedge to 62˚ lob wedge.

Narrower and deeper Quad Cut Grooves in the stronger lofts are more benficial on full shots, while wider and shallower grooves in the higher lofts maximise performance on partial shots.

The S-18s mid-size heads feature a ‘Loft Specific’ centre of gravity, which means weight is shifted progressively higher up the blade in the more lofted wedges. It's achieved by building in a thicker beveled topline, it creates more consistent spin rates on strikes from high in the clubface that Mizuno reckon are more common in higher lofted wedges.

Mizuno wedge grind

Each head is Grain Flow Forged from a single billet of 1025 steel for incredible feel, distance control and short-game performance. You can expect the grooves to stay sharper for longer too, thanks to Mizuno using a small amount of boron in their steel mix. Each wedge face is CNC milled right to the allowable rules limits, so Mizuno are confident you won't find a better wedge for shortgame control and creativity. 

Mizuno S18 Wedge: What Mizuno say

"One of the keys to a good wedge game is controlling your spin rates,” says Chris Voshall, Mizuno's senior engineer. “There's no gain in making one pitch stop dead if the next one rolls out. On the shorter shots, we're more likely to miss the sweet spot high on the face - which is a cause of inconsistent spin. The S18 is thicker higher in the blade, which evens out spin on those common mishits."

Mizuno S18 wedges

S18 wedges will be available from 46˚ to 62˚ (lofts) in Black IP or Chrome finishes. Each wedge can also be custom stamped with up to six characters for a real tour touch. Expect to see the S18 wedges in golf shops from August 2017 with an RRP of £140 each, for further informatiuon visit golf.mizunoeurope.com