The tech behind the TaylorMade TP5s


TaylorMade engineers found that the golf ball category, in its current state, is largely built on compromises. The team's goal from the outset with TP5 and TP5x was to create a ball that was longer, straighter, better into the wind and responsive around the green. A ball with no compromises.

Both new balls benefit from a patented five-layer construction that TaylorMade first introduced to the market in its Penta TP ball at the 2009 PGA Championship. That breakthrough ve- layer technology led to a game-changing ball that not only generates optimal speed and reduces spin on tee shots, it also provides plenty of softness for desired feel around the greens.

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The big difference comes from innovations in TaylorMade's Tri-Fast core – three inner layers made up of a very low compression inner core (TP5x = 25, TP5 = 16) and a progressively stiffer outer core and mantle. These layers work together to create lower spin and more velocity. The result? More distance and control with every club in the bag, even in the windiest conditions.

It has already made a huge impact on Tour. Jon Rahm secured his rst PGA Tour victory using the TP5x, after switching from the Titleist Pro V1x he'd used his entire life, saying "the difference is unbelievable".

A week later Sergio Garcia claimed victory at the Dubai Desert Classic with the TP5, before bagging the Masters (in a playoff with TP5x user Justin Rose), while Dustin Johnson won three times on the trot – including two WGCs – and became world No.1 with a TP5x.

More control...
The Tri-Fast core is surrounded by a Dual Spin Cover (a soft urethane cast over a more rigid TP inner cover). According to TaylorMade, this ve-layer design allows the ball to launch higher with less spin and lower drag, resulting in both greater ball speed and distance, and more control in windy conditions.

Hit less club into greens...
These technical innovations help both the TP5 and TP5x go further and higher. Less spin on full shots offers increased distance. With a longer- ying golf ball, golfers will be hitting shorter clubs into greens, leading to more control. An 8-iron will yield greater stopping power and accuracy than a 7-iron.TaylorMade TP5 Golf Ball

The key tech behind the TP5

This core consists of a very low compression inner and a progressively stiffer outer core and mantle. The combination of these three layers work in conjunction to create lower spin and increased velocity. This gradient is what makes the Tri-Fast Core so unique, as it builds up speed in transferring energy from the club face to the ball and delivers incredible distance on full shots.

The Dual Spin cover boasts an ultra-soft cast urethane cover and a rigid TP inner cover. This is ideal for greenside control as the rigid inner cover forces the soft urethane cover into the grooves for maximum spin generation. The result is a multi-layer cover that is designed for distance without sacrificing feel or control around the green.

A five-layer construction allows TaylorMade to unlock these characteristics, leaving the golfer with a ball that has been optimised for any and every shot they may face – a ball that has been engineered to perform with every club in their bag.

TP5 OR TP5x?
While both balls have the same cover, the Tri-Fast cores are slightly different, so that TP5x is slightly rmer and launches higher, while TP5 features a softer feel with mid launch.

Both TP5 and TP5x have an RRP of £49.99. For more details visit