Cobra unveil F8 Range


Cobra Golf F8: All the details on Cobra's F8 golf club range - including reviews on the brand's first ever one-length hybrid and CNC Milled Driver Face.

With the new Cobra King F8 Range, Cobra have today introduced the first ever fully connected smart-set of golf clubs, which builds on their shot tracking COBRA CONNECT concept from their F7 Driver and is set to be employed in every single club in their Cobra F8 sets - available from February 2018. 

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The range includes two brand new driver models (the F8 and F8+), two iron models (the F8 and F8 One-length), two fairway woods (the F8 and F8+) and two hybrid models (the F8 and F8 One-length). 

COBRA has introduced the brand's first ever CNC Milled Driver Face on both driver models for 2018 allowing a thinner, faster, more precise face. After great success in 2017, they have extended our ONE Length range which now offers the new F8 ONE Length irons and also a ONE Length hybrid, delivering ultimate consistency and simplicity to help improve your game.

From 2018 all COBRA F8 product will feature COBRA CONNECT powered by Arccos throughout offering the first ever fully connected set, allowing you to track your stats to analyse and improve your game.

"Our 2018 iron offering is truly ground-breaking, as it provides not only innovative technologies to achieve better performance across the board, but also the wherewithal to actually quantify just how much better, thanks to COBRA CONNECT," said Tom Olsavsky, Head of R&D for COBRA Golf.

Cobra King F8 Drivers: RRP £329 

Most premium modern drivers make claims about aerodynamic performance, ball speed retention, forgiveness, spin optimisation and adjustability. But none has suggested that a CNC milled face, just like a premium putter, could be the key to hitting shots further and straighter. That is until the launch of Cobra's King F8 driver.

Cobra say the faces of virtually all premium titanium drivers are hand- ground, which makes it di cult to control the thickness between each head (tolerance).

The idea explains why some drivers of the same model feel hotter than others. Cobra's research suggests that by precisely CNC milling the F8 driver's face they're able to produce the thinnest, hottest and most precise driver face on the planet.


They reckon the tech's so good, ball speed gains for off - centre hits can be well over 1.5mph. And, because CNC milling is so accurate, it's possible to add more or less curvature on areas of the face to increase launch, lower spin and increase gear effect, which should help you hit it higher, further and more accurately.

“At COBRA Golf our engineers continue to push the envelope when it comes to innovation and delivering the best in game-changing golf equipment for golfers of all levels,” said Tom Olsavsky, VP of Research & Development, COBRA Golf.

“With the addition of the first CNC Milled titanium driver face for unrivalled precision, weight savings and performance gains, combined with advanced analytics from COBRA CONNECT Powered by Arccos, we believe the F8 and F8+ drivers are truly a step into the future of the game.”

Cobra f8 driver 

Cobra King F8 Driver: Key Features

CNC Milled Face: Cobra say it's the first time a CNC milled face has been used in a driver, and thanks to the tech the F8's face is the thinnest, hottest and most precise they've ever created. The tech is so complex there's three different angles of curve from toe to heel, as well as more/less curve higher/ lower on the face.
360 degree Aero Tips: Cobra have optimised aerodynamic performance from all angles. It means there's aerodynamic trips on the crown and sole, and Cobra have specifically shaped the toe area to reduce drag. Better aerodynamics mean you get extra speed for free, with absolutely no trade-offs.
Shot bias weighting: Positioning the 12g weight in the heel creates a draw-biased driver, helping square the face at impact and straighten out a slice. Switching the weight to the back port gets you a more neutral set-up, which generates slightly more spin and plenty of forgiveness.
Ultra-light Carbon Fibre Crown: Carbon is the material of the moment when it comes to drivers and fairways. Cobra say the F8's crown is ultra- lightweight, and only five layers thick. It frees up inefficient weight which can be put to better use, improving forgiveness and stability.

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Cobra King F8 Irons: What you need to know 

Progressive is a term used too much in golf. But when it comes to irons, Cobra's new F8 irons are as progressive as they come. Cobra's engineers have optimised every last spec and component in each iron in their F8 range for a specific purpose on the golf course.

The longer irons in the F8 set have lower profile, hollow heads (4-7-irons) and shorter hosels to get weight low, deep and as far from the face as possible. It means added forgiveness and playability (below).

Cobra king f8 irons

From the 8-PW the set becomes cavity-backed, with longer hosels to increase control over shot trajectory and spin, while the gap, sand and lob wedges morph into familiar muscle back shapes. It all adds up to a package that's more playable, and like last year both models are available in standard or One Length options.

According to Cobra, the F8 irons will equip golfers with a dominant blend of distance, speed, and best in class-feel. They say this is all thanks to game-changing construction technologies, including PWRSHELL™ Face Technology for increased speed and launch, Carbon Feel Technology for exceptional sound and feel, and TECFLOTM Progressive set construction for tailored performance throughout the set

"Our F8 line offers an innovative solution for both the players who trust their games to variable length irons and also for the growing contingent of golfers who have realised the benefits of our ONE length set up."

Cobra King one length

Cobra King F8 Irons: Key Features

E9™ PWRSHELL™ Face Technology: Boasts a 20% thinner forged face. An E9™ elliptical Sweet Zone™ construction promotes faster ball speeds across a wider area on the face, delivering unparalleled distance and forgiveness.
Carbon Feel Technology inserts: Strategically-positioned to deliver a soft yet solid feel throughout the set. New all Carbon Fiber construction medallions damp vibrations for exceptional sound and feel throughout the set.
COBRA's patented TECFLOTM Progressive Set Construction Technology delivers tailored performance through varying cavity constructions to optimise the trajectory of each iron in the set.
Wide Soles: Cobra engineers have used all the tricks of the trade to ensure the F8s are super-playable and forgiving. Soles are wider in the longer irons and narrower towards the short. Different-shaped grooves optimise ball flight and control across the set and lighter shafts help launch shots higher and further.
Progressive Spin Technology improves groove structures through CNC milling to deliver optimum spin and trajectory performance from the long irons to wedges. A full hollow design in the long and mid irons (4-7) delivers low CG with an extremely responsive face for easier to hit, high-flying shots. A specialty wedge design in the GW, SW and LW provides improved feel and precision around the greens with tighter-spaced wedge grooves to increase spin for more precision

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Cobra King F8 Fairway: RRP £199

The Cobra KING F8 and F8+ fairways are designed to provide golfers of varying playing abilities a choice between maximum launch and forgiveness in the F8 model, or tour preferred shaping with maximum workability and precision in the F8+ model.  

The KING F8 fairway has incorporated an improved Baffler® Dual Rail System with tighter-spaced rails with CG centered between the rails, reducing twisting and resulting in a higher amount of clubhead speed retained upon contact with the turf. Progressive Rail Heights dependent on club loft, (shallower in the 3W and taller in the 5W) provide consistent turf interaction for sweeping or steeper attack angles.

COBRA's 360o Aero™ Technology incorporates an innovative system of lightweight aero trips strategically positioned around the perimeter of the face to improve drag reduction through the downswing for increased clubhead speed.

The F8 fairways feature a larger address profile that increases MOI for more distance and forgiveness on mis-hits and a shallower face that lowers CG for improved launch and speed.

Additionally, a back CG weight helps promote a towering, forgiving trajectory from a variety of turf conditions. For the first time, COBRA's mainline fairways feature an ultralight 5-ply Carbon Fiber crown, which saves nearly 13 grams in weight compared to he previous steel version, to move the CG even lower for the ultimate in distance and spin performance.

Rounding out the performance technologies, a forged 475 Stainless Steel face insert boasting COBRA's patented E9TM Technology, a variable thickness face construction designed with an elliptical pattern Sweet Zone™, creates more hot spots farther away from the center of the face for more distance on heel and toe shots.

MyFly8® technology affords golfers the choice of eight loft settings in each of three different models (3-4, 5-6 & 7-8) to fine-tune launch conditions and maximise distance while a new Smart Pad® created on the rail system, maintains a square clubhead at address. Below is a rundown of lofts available in each F8 model.

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Cobra King F8 Hybrids: RRP £169

Cobra have introduced two new hybrids in their latest range; a standard F8 hybrid and the first ever one-length version. A hybrid that's the length of your 7-iron sounds bonkers, right? It's like trying to play with your nine- year-old's clubs, but we think the idea has legs.

Cobra F8 Hybrid

The KING F8 and F8 ONE Length hybrids both utilise COBRA's Baffler® Dual Rail System and a new Multi-Directional Crown Aero Technology to provide more speed, forgiveness and versatility than ever before. Like the F8 fairways, the taller and tighter-spaced rails on the F8 and F8 ONE hybrids provide more leading edge bounce, to help the club stay lower to the ground for more consistent launch from a variety of lies.

As an added benefit, the club stays lower to the ground for easier and more consistent launch from a variety of lies. The multi-directional Aero trips on the crown made of lightweight polymer ensure optimised aerodynamic performance while maintaining a lower CG for faster clubhead speed and more distance.

A sleeker clubhead design features a lowered skirt and a shorter, skinnier hosel for an extremely low CG, while a fixed weight positioned low and back results in a high, towering ball flight that delivers the ultimate in launch and distance performance.

The F8 One Length Hybrid delivers ultimate consistency and simplicity allowing golfers to utilise one setup and one swing from their hybrids down to their irons. To achieve optimum performance at 7-iron length, lie and swing weight, the unique design of the F8 ONE Hybrid features an upright lie angle and a heavier head weight.

A larger internal weight pad allows the CG to be moved lower and deeper resulting in a higher flying trajectory that benefits golfers who struggle to hit their ONE Length long irons up in the air.

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