SkyCaddie's latest SX500 handheld GPS their most powerful and accurate yet


SkyCaddie say their latest SX500 handheld GPS is their most powerful and accurate yet, using PinPoint technology to give accurate distances to pins for the first time.

SkyCaddie's new SX500 GPS handheld is their most powerful, accurate and feature-packed handheld distance measuring device yet, with 40 geo-referenced targets per hole and a range of technologies to offer a substantial amount of insight before you play each shot. 

Launched in the year of SkyCaddie's 20th Anniversary, the brand say their latest GPS device provides accurate distances to every single hole feature faster than a laser, and is the culmination of everything which SkyCaddie represents to golfers.

So what makes it SkyCaddie's Ultimate GPS?

A new PinPoint technology in SkyCaddie's SX500 gives accurate distances to each day's pin positions, while IntelliGreen® Pro provides distances to false fronts, major tiers, greenside mounds and contours on the green.

Dynamic HoleVueTM with Integrated Targets continuously re-orients the entire hole map from your exact position to give up-to-date information and distances to hazards and landing areas, and Dynamic RangeVue® overlays fairway landing areas and greens to show at-a-glance yardages across the full width of the hole - even when your view is restricted.

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The Dynamic RangeVue® has an additional Club Ranges feature (restricted to use only in practice rounds and casual golf) for in-play club selection suggestions tailored to your game when you enter your personal club-by-club hitting distances into your SkyGolf 360TM account and synchronise your device. 

There's also a 5" full HD touch screen in the highly water-resistant design, a hi-capacity rechargeable Li-Polymer battery which lasts for over 36 holes, a 13-megapixel camera, in-built WiFi,  a Super Large Number Mode and a Digital Scorecard with handicapping that tracks total putts and fairways hit.

Elsewhere, a Shot Distance Measurement feature helps you track how far you have just hit the ball, and helps you to learn your club distances; Target List View gives you a quick list of all the targets ahead of you on the hole; and Tee Box Selection, Gender Selection, Dual Green Support, Yards or Metres option, Stat Tracking and a North Indicator are also available.

SkyCaddie's SX500 will be available in the UK from late August 2018 at RRP £379.95, which includes a year’s pre-paid Birdie membership covering over 99% of golf courses in Great Britain & Ireland. 

SkyCaddie SX500 handheld GPS: Key Features

➤ RRP: £379.95 including 12-month Birdie subscription for all GB & Ireland golf courses
➤ Available in the UK late August 2018 – order from your PGA professional or golf retailer
➤ Pre-loaded with more than 35,000 ground-verified, error-corrected SkyCaddie golf course maps.
➤ 5" 1920x1080 HD LCD touch screen – by far the largest on the market
➤· Ruggedised, grippy, weatherproof casing
➤ Ultra-fast multi-core processor
➤ Battery life beyond 36 holes
➤ PinPoint Technology
➤ Dynamic HoleVueTM with Integrated Targets
➤ Dynamic RangeVue® with Club Ranges
➤ IntelliGreen® Pro
➤ 13 megapixel camera (upload to SkyGolf 360)
➤ Super Large Number Mode if your eyesight is poor - or just want distances to the front, middle and back of the green.
➤ Intelligent Automation with Auto-Course, Auto-Hole Advance, Auto-Zoom, Auto-Distance, Auto Green Depth and Rotating Auto-View to display your scorecard in landscape view.
➤ Digital Scorecard including Landscape View
➤ Shot Distance Measurement, Target List View, and many more features
➤ Wi-Fi downloads (no cables) of latest golf course updates
➤ See for all details