Two new balls from Volvik


Volvik has taken the UK by storm in the last 12 months, and for 2018 they’ve launched two new balls – the new Vivid Lite and Vivid Soft.

Unlike the ultra-bright colours of the multi-coloured Vivid balls, the latest three-piece balls from Volvik feature a new matte technology – the Vivid Lite in bright shades of orange, pink, yellow & blue and Vivid Soft in pink, green & white.

VIVID Lite / £39.99 per dozen

It offers golfers with a clubhead speed between 50-80 mph a mid-high trajectory and improved visibility. The 85 compression ball features 322 dimples and also provides mid-high spin to attack the flag and achieve control around the green.

VIVID Soft / £39.99 per dozen

Designed for players with swing speeds between 75-95 mph looking for more shot control. The powerful spin rate enables golfers to shape their shots with exceptional accuracy and a perfect mid-high ball flight trajectory. The 70 compression ball features a VU-X Urethane Cover with 336 dimples, as well as the Soft Feel Coating to create a stable putting feel.

“The VIVID golf ball has accounted for almost 80% of Volvik sales that have gone well past the million mark in the UK since March last year,” said Nigel Freemantle, Managing Director of Brand Fusion International, the company distributing Volvik balls in the UK.

“The Lite and Soft lines offer something completely different to the existing VIVID ball, giving players more feel and a lot more spin, as well as the benefit of greater visibility on the course due to the latest distinctive matte finish.”